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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clerks

Orientation Guide

    Obstetrics Rotation for Clinical Clerks

    The obstetrics rotation in Peterborough is a well established 3 week rotation.  Clerks rotate through a 3 day learning cycle.

    • Day 1 is a clinic day. 
    • Day 2 is spent providing 24 hour on call to Labour and Delivery. 
    • Day 3 is your post call day. 

    On Day 1 there is the opportunity to spend time in a variety of clinics including low and high risk prenatal clinics, the Sexual Health Clinic, the colposcopy clinic, the urodynamics clinic.  Learners may also schedule time with our lactation consultant, attend the gyne OR and observe non-stress tests. On Day 2, while on call to Labour and Delivery, you will assess patients who arrive in labour or with pregnancy related complications.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in deliveries with both family physicians and obstetricians. There is only one learner on call at a time, and PRHC has a high volume of deliveries, so there is typically abundant opportunity for hands on experience.