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Accommodation Arrangements

Regional Education Accommodation Arrangements for Community Rotations:
During mandatory community placements, residents and clerks are not required to commute to Kingston or other distant communities for living arrangements.  Accommodation arrangements are made for residents and clerks requiring living arrangements outside of 'in hospital based call'.  Most community hospitals also have 'on call rooms' for assigned rotations requiring in hospital on call activities.  Regional Education currently provides accommodations for community rotations in Brockville, Lakeridge/Oshawa, Markham Stouffville, Ottawa, Toronto, Peterborough and Quinte/Belleville.

Accommodations for the Comprehensive Clerkship (11 months in Oshawa/Bowmanville) will be provided for the Meds 2022 and 2023 classes.

Accommodations for the LICs and for the UG Family Medicine core rotations in the region are provided by ROMP and ERMEP.  Please refer to their website for further details.

All of the Regional Education accommodations are shared with other medical students or residents.  The accommodations are co-ed, however, we do our best to try and book learners of the same gender together but sometimes that is not possible.  If you choose not to share an assigned apartment, please contact our office immediately to see if an alternate solution can be found.

Our Regional Education accommodations are for the learners use only.  Accommodations are not provided for other family members or friends (spouses, children, caregivers, etc).

  • Please also note, our property leases state "No Pets Allowed".  Please respect the wishes of the landlord and be respectful of your roommates as many learners suffer from allergies.
  • Smoking in any of the Regional Education accommodations is NOT permitted.

Insurance Coverage for Personal Property:
Personal property is at the risk of the property owner, whether on campus or off campus in University leased premises. Learners and teachers should obtain their own homeowners/apartment/office insurance to cover their personal property (ie. cameras, computers, peripherals, etc).

An email notification from the Elentra Regional Education System will be sent asking for confirmation of the accommodations.  A link will be provided to log into Elentra where it will provide the details of the assigned accommodation itself.  If a notification email is not received please contact the Regional Education office.  Please note, notifications are directed to the learner's Queen's email address.

If you are planning an elective rotation in one of our regional community sites, you can check with our office to determine whether Regional Education may be able to provide assistance with accommodations.

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