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Regional Education in the School of Medicine at Queen’s University works collaboratively with other Ontario medical schools and regional providers to assist Ontario Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical learners doing elective rotations in regional sites across Ontario. Regional Education provides accommodation, travel reimbursement, cable TV and hi-speed Internet connection for clerks and residents while they are completing mandatory rotations outside of Kingston in Southeastern Ontario. Learners are also provided electronic access to their course material and electronic access to Bracken Library through their home base in Kingston 24/7. Regular Faculty Development sessions are offered at each major site and are also available through videoconferencing and Kingston based sessions. Live videoconferenced seminars for Undergraduate and Postgraduate learners are presented weekly, as are discipline specific Grand Rounds and Subspecialty Rounds to regional faculty and learners.

Regional Education Awards Nomination Form

The Regional Education office currently manages approximately 25 out-of-town accommodations across Southeastern Ontario including: Belleville, Brockville, Markham, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough and Toronto.

During community placements, clerks and residents are not required to commute to Kingston or other distant communities for living arrangements.  Accommodation arrangements are made for learners requiring living arrangements outside of in hospital based call.


Ottawa and Toronto Mandatory Clinical Rotations

All regional accommodation arrangements require the sharing of the unit with separate bedrooms for each resident/learner.  On receipt of specific PG specialty program schedules for Ottawa/Toronto mandatory rotations, the Regional Education office will assign the residents’ names to the available accommodations on a first requested first assigned basis.  If accommodation request surpasses availability in Toronto or Ottawa, the resident(s) is provided the option of either obtaining their own accommodation and receiving an accommodation allowance of $800 per month or accepting a temporary short-term accommodation identified by the Regional Education office.  Residents who do not confirm acceptance of accommodation or, after confirming, do not use the accommodation will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation at their expense.     
Elective Clinical Rotations in Queen’s School of Medicine Regional Sites
Queen’s learners planning an elective rotation in one of our regional community sites can check with our Regional Education office to determine whether Regional Education may be able to provide assistance with accommodations.  If your elective rotation occurs in Ontario and is of at least 4 consecutive weeks in length, you and your assigned preceptor may be eligible for funding through one of the Ontario medical education programs (ERMEP, ROMP, SWOMEN, NOSM).  For information regarding each program and the communities associated with them please click on the following link – Ontario Regional Programs.

All of the Regional Education accommodations are shared with other medical students or residents.  The accommodations are co-ed, however, we do our best to try and book learners of the same gender together but sometimes that is not possible.  If you choose not to share an assigned apartment, please contact our office immediately to see if an alternate solution can be found.

Our Regional Education accommodations are for the learners use only.  Accommodations are not provided for other family members or friends (spouses, children, caregivers, etc).

Please note: our property leases state "No Pets Allowed".  Please respect the wishes of the landlord and be respectful of your roommates as many learners suffer from allergies.

Smoking in any of the Regional Education accommodations is NOT permitted.

An email notification from the MEdTech Central Regional Education System will be sent asking for confirmation of the accommodations.  A link will be provided to log into MEdTech Central to confirm the accommodations and it will also provide the details of the assigned accommodation itself.  If a notification email is not received please contact the Regional Education Office.  Please note, notifications are directed to the learner's Queen's email address.


  • Learner notification
  • Accommodation utilities, supplies, furnishings, rental payments, and services
  • Travel and accommodation allowances
  • Community preceptor stipends and appointments
  • Coordination and tracking of all Queen's learners eligible for funding through ROMP & ERMEP
  • Coordination of videoconferencing needs.

Travel reimbursement is contingent upon fulfillment of LEARNER RESPONSIBILITIES.