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Regional Education has two accommodation locations in Toronto:  two 2-bedroom condos on Bay Street and a 3-bedroom townhouse and a 4-bedroom house both located near Humber River Hospital (please refer to Elentra for exact address).  

All of the Regional Education accommodations are shared with other medical students or residents The accommodations are co-ed, however, we do our best to try and book learners of the same gender together but sometimes that is not possible.  If you choose not to share an assigned apartment, please contact our office immediately to see if an alternate solution can be found.

Our Regional Education accommodations are for the learners use only.  Accommodations are not provided for other family members or friends (spouses, children, caregivers, etc).

  • No Pets -  Please note, our property leases state “No Pets Allowed”. Please respect the wishes of the landlord and be respectful of your roommates as many learners suffer from allergies.
  • No Smoking/Vaping -  Smoking/vaping is NOT permitted in any of the Regional Education accommodations.
  • Internet -  This accommodation has been set up with a wireless high speed Internet connection.
  • Travel -  The cost for 1 return trip for each completed two-week time period is available for reimbursement. All travel reimbursements are contingent upon fulfillment of learner responsibilities. 
  • Linens - Bed, bath and kitchen linens are provided. All linens used must be laundered prior to your departure.

Humber River Hospital requires all medical trainees to complete the required registration process by submitting the Humber River Hospital Medical Trainees Application form. Once submitted please call 416-242-1000 ext. 82103 or email ( to book an appointment to complete the registration which will involve:

  1. Copying of University Photo ID Badge (please make sure to bring with you).
  2. Completion of HRH Confidentiality Form.
  3. Completion of HRH IS Form.
  4. Completion of Scrubs Machine Access Form.
  5. Arrangement of Meditech Access which enables the review of patient records.
  6. Arrangement of HRH Photo ID which must be worn at all times while onsite and is used to access nursing unit stairwells at the Finch site.
  7. Parking Arrangements, if required.

Travel reimbursement is contingent upon fulfillment of LEARNER RESPONSIBILITIES.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your out-of-town rotation please contact the Regional Education office:
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext 77606