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COVID-19 Information Regarding Education Housing

The Regional Education Office has consulted with Kingston Public Health to ensure we can continue to provide safe, clean housing for clerks and residents completing regional rotations.

If a learner residing in Regional Education accommodations develops COVID symptoms, they should contact Occupational Health & Safety.

Provincial Updates on Covid-19 Self Isolation are available at:

While waiting for further instructions from Occupational Health, the learner should self-isolate to the greatest extent possible (not eating with others, wearing a mask, giving 15-20 minutes before being in a shared space, using a different bathroom, if possible).  Learners are encouraged to let their roommates know so that they can properly answer screening questions. 

The expectation is that learners will continue to be responsible to keep housing clean and to wash all bedding and linens prior to leaving a rotation.

Cleaning supplies will be available for your use in the housing.

Please note that housing will continue to be shared with other learners and we would remind you of the following Public Health recommendations:

  • Practice hand hygiene
  • Keep physical distancing, when possible
  • Limit kitchen use to one person at a time
  • Limit visits/visitors until further notice from Public Health officials
  • Avoid sharing personal and household items, when possible
  • Clean and disinfect household with available products regularly