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Medical Sciences

The Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences and Professional Master of Medical Sciences are two new programs offered through a partnership between the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Postgraduate Medical Education, and Undergraduate Medical Education.

These programs have been specifically designed for graduates of medical schools who have not yet matched to a postgraduate residency program in Canada. Students will explore current issues in medical sciences and further develop their clinical skills in the context of the Canadian healthcare system. It is anticipated that the emphasis on research, clinical skills, and scholarship will enhance any future applications for residency positions through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

For additional information, please refer to the School of Graduate Studies website at .

Yara Mouhamed

"Pursuing my Medical Sciences Masters at Queen's University is the best decision I have made throughout my entire career. Not only is the program fantastic in regards to preparing IMGs to better perform in the Canadian medical environment through extensive hands-on clinical experiences, it also provides great research opportunities. But more importantly, I have found the program to be unique in the way it allows its students to grow on the interpersonal and professional levels. How to give and receive feedback, work in a team, learn from seniors and support junior learners are all skills that I have gained through the GDPM program. I am thankful to the program for preparing me for the next step in my career as a Family Medicine resident at Queen's University."

- Yara Mouhamed