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Room Reservation Services - School of Medicine Building

The Medical School building, located at 15 Arch Street, is the home base for MD Program students and houses their primary classrooms and labs.

Our facility includes:


Principles of Booking Lecture Theatres, Small Group Spaces and Common Areas

The SimLab, Anatomy Labs and Clinical Teaching Centre have separate booking procedures. Please click on the links provided above for information about booking those spaces.

  1. The primary commitment for room bookings within the School of Medicine building is to support the delivery of MD Program ensuring that students are taught in the most appropriate learning environment.
  2. The secondary commitment is to support all other Faculty of Health Sciences activities including administrative, student groups and staff/faculty activities.
  3. The final commitment is to support University groups outside the Faculty of Health Science and external clients for a limited range of activities.


We have two new booking forms! These forms have been designed to make it easier for our clients to book space. You will now be able to book multiple dates/times and rooms on the Conference and Special Events Request Form or a single room with multiple dates/times on the Single Room Request Form.

Conferences and Special Events Request Form

Single Room Request Form

Room Availability

Booking Requests

  1. All non-MD Program teaching events require completion of the Single Room Request Form or the Conference and Special Events Request Form, please check room availability before completing your form. To view the School of Medicine Building room availability go to SOMB Availability, Username: somb bookings , Password: BOOKING1. Under no circumstance will bookings be accepted by phone. A change in the date or time of a booking is considered a new booking, the previous booking must be cancelled and another Room Booking Request Form for the new booking must be submitted.
    All MD Program teaching and teaching related bookings must be addressed to the MD Program Curricular Coordinator assigned to the curricular year for which the event is associated.
  2. The core teaching day for the MD Program is from 8:30 am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. (see for sessional dates).

  3. Space in the lecture theatres, atriums and small group rooms will be extremely limited during these times.

  4. All MD Program academic bookings have priority over all other requests. Other requests will only be considered and confirmed after MD Program academic bookings have been finalized.

  5. Only in exceptional circumstances will teaching bookings not have priority over all other events: events deemed to take precedence over teaching bookings must be approved by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medicine.

  6. There is no guarantee that a preferred room will be available for chosen timeslots. 
    Ensure that you have received your Room Booking Confirmation before confirming venues with attendees.
  7. Annual events must be booked and confirmed in writing every year: bookings will not carry over from one year to the next.
  8. Rooms must be returned to their original configuration ready for the next occupants. 
    A fee may be charged back to the person booking the space. If an event has custodial services are required or repairs to the space are need following an event the person booking the space will be charged.
  9. MD Program Students have unlimited access to small group rooms and they are required to sign in to these rooms using the Room Booking System. 
    Students may be asked to vacate a room in the event it has been booked.


Image Capacity Description

Group Rooms

  10 Basic stand-alone audiovisual presentation support. Wall-mounted flat screen display. Table-mounted connection panel for VGI and HDMI.

Lecture Theatre



Full-featured multimedia classroom, lectern-mounted touchpanel control, 3 ceiling-mounted projectors and screens.

Lower Atrium           

Dependent on configuration  


Medium Lecture Theatre




Full-featured multimedia classroom, lectern-mounted touchpanel control, 2 ceiling-mounted projectors and screens.

Upper Atrium           

Dependent on configuration 


Grand Corridor



Dependent on configuration  


Video Conference



Conference-style table, telephone and videoconferencing, 2 flat screen displays, table-top connection panel for user presentation devices, VGA and HDMI connections.

 Lantern Lounge


Dependent on Configuration 


    Floor Plans:
Lower Level Floor Plan

Ground Level Floor Plan

Second Level Floor Plan

Third Level Floor Plan

Fourth Level Floor Plan

  1. Access to your booked spaces will only be made available from the start time indicated on your booking.  
    The School of Medicine building is equipment with electronic locking systems on most doors and stairwells preventing unauthorized access to spaces.   The doors and stairwells will be programmed based on the information provided in your booking.  In order to ensure you have access to the space, you must include set up and break down time in each booking request.  

  2. The building's common areas are publically accessible from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm throughout the year.  
    While we can reserve the space for your use, students and the public may still wander through.  The School of Medicine is not responsible for any loss resulting from theft or disruption. 

  3. Medical Students have been given unlimited access to the common areas and group study rooms.  
    If you find a student using a space you have reserved, please kindly ask them to find another study area.

  4. The Kitchenette on the main floor is for the excluse use of the Medical Students.  
    Access to this area is unusual and must be prearranged with the booking agent.

Your confirmed room reservation ensures you have exclusive use of the room/space during your reserved time.  You can use the equipment, tables and chairs which are standard in the room reserved.  

The Wireless Queen's Network can be accessed by anyone with a valid NetID and Password.  Each room within the building is equipped with a flat screen monitor and connection panels for user devices such as laptops. HDMI and VGA connections are installed. 
If you believe you will require AV support on the day of your event, this must be arranged in advance by contacting  A fee is applicable for this service.

If You Require Additional Resources or Equipment

It is your responsibility to arrange for any additional tables, chairs, coat racks, flipcharts, etc..  This includes any arrangements relating to delivery, setup and pickup.  
IMPORTANT:  Booking time must include time allocated for set-up and break down of the event.   Deliveries may be made to the loading dock the day prior to your event.  Please note that the loading dock is only accessible from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Effective August 1, 2015, non-curricular bookings are charged according to the following fee schedule: 

Small Group Room $50
Lecture Theatre and Atrium (either level) $250 per half-day ($450 full day)
Atrium Only (either level) $150 per half-day ($300 full day)
Lecture Theatre Only (either level)  $150 per half-day ($300 full day)
Medium Lecture Theatre (021) or  $100 per day
Lantern Lounge (2nd or 3rd floor) $50 per day
Grand Corridor $100 per day

Audio-Visual Support
Events in Lecture Theatres and Videoconference Rooms requiring Audio-Visual support are subject to the following fees:
Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm $65/hr per operator
Monday to Friday after 4:30 pm $95/hr per operator
Saturdays any time $95/hr per operator
Sundays any time $130 per hour

Custodial Services
Fee for Custodial Services, including pre and post event cleaning, will be charged back where applicable.


Poster/Notice Policy

Posters – Any sign, notice or other material intended to advertise or announce an event or support a cause.

Purpose/Reason for Policy:
The intent of this policy is to regulate the placement of posters within the School of Medicine Building.

Scope of this Policy:
This policy pertains to any faculty, student, staff or group wishing to post material in the School of Medicine Building. This policy excludes notices posted by UGME staff to support curricular activities.

Policy Statement:
The Faculty permits limited postering in designated areas within the School of Medicine Building.  Any posters hung in contradiction to the guidelines and restrictions of this policy will be removed and any the cost of repairing any associated damages will be charged back to the event organizers or applicable group.

Restrictions and Guidelines:
All posters must be presented to the Building Operations Office Rm. 112 Botterell Hall for approval. The Manager of Building Ops & Projects, F.H.S. and/or their delegate give approval. The content of posters must not contravene any University policy.
Posters are limited to 1 copy per location.

Posters shall be placed on:

  • Bulletin boards located in the West Hallways of Floors 1 through 4.
  • Bulletin board located in the Clinical Centre.
  • Tripods placed away from the main traffic flow. Tripods shall not be placed in front of doorways or middle of hallways. 
Under no circumstances are posters to be placed on:
  • Elevator doors or inside elevator glass wall partitions
  • windows
  • glass doors
  • painted surfaces
  • stone walls
  • directional/way finding signs, or exit signs
  • fire hose cabinets
  • wood finishes

5. Decals (with adhesive backing), double-backed carpet tape, and the use of other permanent adhesive substances or those that prevent easy poster removal are prohibited.


  1. Pre-Approved posters may be placed on the main doors of the School for “Special Events”.  These posters shall be posted no earlier than on the date of the “Special Event” and must be removed immediately upon conclusion by the event organizers.  Posters must be affixed using low tack tape. 

  2. Emergency or regulatory notices containing “need to know” information about an urgent issue regarding facility or security shall be temporarily posted on walls in high traffic areas. The posting of such emergency or regulatory notices shall be approved by the Manager of Building Ops & Projects, F.H.S., and/or their delegate and shall be removed immediately following the emergency period.

Poster Removal

  1. The bulletin boards will be cleared regularly. Posters that have been displayed for a prolonged period will be removed at the discretion of University staff.

  2. Posters displayed in excessive numbers on a notice board will be removed and destroyed.

  3. Posters displayed in restricted locations will be removed and destroyed immediately.



Freedom of expression, balanced with a respect for the rights of others and the environment, are central to the life of a university. Queen's policy on the posting and distribution of printed matter aims to facilitate communication among members of the university community in accordance with this basic tenet.

This statement sets limits as to who may post and distribute printed matter, what may be posted or distributed, and where and how it is to be posted or distributed.

Departments shall implement this policy in areas under their respective jurisdictions and may, at their discretion, adopt more restrictive policies for those areas. Concerns regarding the implementation of the policy should be directed, in the first instance, to the unit head or his or her designate.

For the purposes of this policy, printed matter shall include, but not be limited to, advertisements, banners, posters, stickers, chalk markings or drawings, brochures and periodical publications (circulars, newsletters, newspapers,tabloids, magazines).


Who may post or distribute?

1. The posting and distribution of printed matter shall be limited to:

• current student, faculty and staff members of the Queen's community;
• recognized university organizations, i.e., university faculties, schools, departments and services, faculty    and staff associations and union locals, student organizations recognized by the AMS or GSS,
• non-profit community organizations announcing events of interest to the university community;
• external organizations with approved room reservations or sponsored by recognized university organizations.

2.  The individual or organization responsible for disseminating the information shall be identified on all materials. Anonymous communication shall not be permitted.

What may be posted or distributed?

3. All materials posted or distributed shall comply with the Queen's University Code of Conduct. Specifically prohibited, therefore, are any materials deemed:

• to demean or expose to ridicule individuals or groups based on, but not limited to,
grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, creed or disability;
• to be obscene;

• to incite hatred or violence, 

4. Advertising related to private, commercial activities shall not be permitted unless sanctioned under university policies, contracts, leases, licenses or other agreements. The design and location(s) must be approved by Campus Planning and Development.

5. Notices which advertise off-campus licensed events shall be permitted subject to the following conditions:

• the event is sponsored by a recognized university organization,
• the event is held in a licensed room, admission to which is restricted to Queen's students, faculty or staff and their guests;
• the name of the venue is subordinate to the name of the sponsoring organization and the title of the event; and
• the poster complies with the regulations of the LLBO.


6.1 Materials related to campus elections and referenda shall comply with the electoral rules of the relevant governing body.
6.2 The posting and distribution of materials by candidates or their agents in federal, provincial or municipal elections shall not be permitted other than as required by law.

7   Individuals or groups wishing to post or distribute materials in a language other than either of Canada's official languages must present an English or French translation of the text to the authorizing office.

8   Painted crests may be applied on campus walkways only by year and faculty societies, and shall comply with the University Crest Policy administered by the Campus Activities Commission of the AMS.

Where may material be posted or distributed?

9 Materials shall be posted only on notice boards, in display cases or in other designated locations. Materials must not be posted on any other surface, including, but not limited to, walls, columns, doors, windows, floors, elevators, building exteriors,sidewalks, emergency telephones, light standards and trees.

10 The design and location(s) of notice boards and display cases installed after 1 June 1995 must be approved by Campus Planning and Development.

11 Poster kiosks, other than those existing as of 1 June 1995, mobile signs, sandwich boards, informational banners and all other types of temporary outdoor signs shall not be permitted, except as provided in # 13 below for special events and awareness campaigns.

 12 External organizations wishing to distribute material on campus under the auspices of a recognized university organization shall provide display stands for the material. The design and location(s) of the stands must be approved by CampusPlanning and Development. The sponsoring university organization shall be responsible for the removal and disposal of all materials remaining after two weeks.

Special Events and Awareness Campaigns

13 University-wide special events or awareness campaigns involving the posting or distribution of materials in areas which would not normally be permitted shall be subject to the prior authorization of the Vice-Principal (Operations and Finance) or his or her designate.


14 Prior authorization to post or distribute materials must be obtained at the relevant departmental office, (hereinafter referred to as the authorizing department) the name, telephone number and hours of which shall be identified on each notice board or display case or stand.

15 The posting and distribution of materals shall also be subject to any guidelines implemented from time to time by the authorizing department regarding, for example, quality and size of paper, number of posters, duration of posting,method of posting and removal.

16 Any material posted or distributed in contravention of university or departmental policies shall be removed and discarded by the authorizing department or by university security or custodial services personnel. The individual or organization shown as the sponsor in the temporary sign shall assume responsibility for the violation and shall be responsible for the costs of removal and disposal.

 17 Individuals or groups who post or distribute material in contravention of this policy may have their posting or distribution privileges suspended by the Authorized department.

Calendar of Availability


For room availability within the School of Medicine Building (15 Arch St.) please click link below.,

In order to access the calendar you must use the username and password below.

Username: somb bookings
Password: BOOKING1

Please check room availability before completing your form Room Booking Request Form.


Under no circumstance will bookings be accepted by phone. A change in the date or time of a booking is considered a new booking, the previous booking must be cancelled and another Room Booking Request Form for the new booking must be submitted.  

Once your request has been processed you will receive an email confirming your booking. Bookings are not considered finalized and space reserved for your event until you receive a confirmation email.