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Policies & Procedures

Policy or Procedure  Source*  Date Next
Academic Half-Days PGME 2022 2025
Academic Integrity Queen's 2008  
Assessment, Promotion, and Appeals PGME 2019  
Assessment Verification Period (AVP) COFM 2016  
Code of Conduct Queen's 2021  
Communicable Diseases Surveillance Protocols OHA 2017  
Conflict of Interest PGME 2022 2025
Development of Policies and Guidelines PGME 2023 2026
Electives PGME 2013  
Ethical Conduct FHS 2003  
Faculty Assessment and Rotation Evaluation PGME 2017  
Fatigue Risk Management PGME 2023 2026
Funding for Regional Rotations PGME/RE 2023 2026
Harassment and Discrimination Queen's 2021  
Resident Harassment and Discrimination Investigation Procedure PGME 2022 2025
Health and Safety  PGME 2022 2025
Immunization COFM 2022  
Informal Feedback Guidelines PGME 2023 2026
Internal Reviews PGME 2022  
Kingston Health Sciences Centre Corporate & Professional Staff By-Law KHSC 2017  
KHSC Code of Behaviour KHSC 2017  
KHSC Corporate By-Law KHSC 2023  
KHSC Professional Staff By-Law KHSC 2023  
Leaves of Absence PGME 2021  
Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse CPSO 2008  
Moonlighting COFM/Queen's 2010/2018  
National Assessment Collaboration Examination MCC 2017  
Observerships KHSC 2009  
PARO-OTH Agreement PARO/CAHO 2020 2024
Part-Time Residency Training Guideline COFM 2017  
Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) COFM 2014  
Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) Exemption CPSO 2008  
Physician Behaviour in the Professional Environment CPSO 2016  
Physicians and Conflict of Interest FHS 2015  
Physicians and Health Emergencies CPSO 2009  
Police Records Check FHS 2007  
Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education CPSO 2011  
Program Assistant Job Description PGME 2022 2025
Program Director Role Description PGME 2022 2025
Public Hospitals Act MOHLTC 2010  
Religious Holidays PGME 2007  
Resident Selection Guidelines PGME 2023 2026
Resolution of Resident Conflict with Attending Physician Supervisor COFM 2015  
Restricted Registration COFM 2017  
Return of Service Agreements MOHLTC 2018  
Service to Education Integration COFM 2015  
Sexual Misconduct towards Students  Queen's 2023  
Sexual Violence including Queen's University Students Queen's 2020  
Social Media FHS 2016  
Supervision of Postgraduate Trainees CPSO 2021  
Transfers COFM/AFMC/PGME 2022 2025
Waivers of Training (PDF)
Waivers of Training (Word)
Waivers of Training form (Word)
PGME 2022 2023
Workplace Health and Safety Review KHSC 2017  


CAHO:  Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario
CEHPEA:  Centre for the Evaluation of Health Professionals Educated Abroad
CMA:  Canadian Medical Association
COFM:  Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine
CPSO:  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
FHS:  Faculty of Health Sciences
KHSC:  Kingston Health Sciences Centre
MCC: Medical Council of Canada
MOHLTC:  Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
OHA:  Ontario Hospital Association
PARO:  Professional Association of Residents of Ontario
PGME:  Queen's Postgraduate Medical Education Committee
Queen's:  Queen's University Senate/Board of Trustees
RE:  Queen's Regional Education Office