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Queen’s University - Policy on Moonlighting
Residents are not encouraged to moonlight.  Residents with unrestricted CPSO licenses cannot be prevented from working in a non-educational clinical setting for extra remuneration.  It is important that this activity not impact on their ability to take full advantage of their Residency educational experience.  Residents with CPSO educational registration can only "moonlight" by applying for Restricted Registration through the CPSO.   If a resident is on remediation, they should not be doing Restricted Registration.

The minimum requirements for participation in Restricted Registration are:

  • Residents must have a minimum of 18 months of postgraduate training
  • Residents must have the approval of their Program Director and Postgraduate Dean
  • Residents can only do work in areas where they have already successfully completed a rotation
  • Residents cannot work extra shifts for money on the same rotation they were assigned to in their residency
  • Residents are not allowed to do shifts for money which would put them above the maximum allowable work restrictions of the PARO-OTH Agreement
  • Residents must have at least 12 hours off before a regular resident work shift.

For further information, please refer to:

Restricted Registration Website

Programs and trainees need to advise the PGME Office when there is a change in the type of certificate of registration issued from the CPSO. Please email when a restricted registration certificate is issued.

Updated October 2019