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Postgraduate Electives

Information for Queen's Residents:
Queen's residents interested in completing electives within Canada are encouraged to contact the host institution and complete the required steps. 

Queen's residents interested in completing an elective in the US or an international elective should schedule a Faculty of Health Sciences pre-departure training session first. If you are unable to make the date of the training session, or, it does not align with your departure date please contact the Office of Global Health.

You will also need to fill in an off-campus safety planning record and select the appropriate risk category for the location you plan to attend. 

NOTE: If there are any significant travel advisories noted you will be advised against travelling to that particular place.


The PGME Office needs to be aware of US and international electives and would ask that your home program inform us of your elective plans. An email from your Program Director will suffice.

Please also note

Liability Insurance and Licensure:

In Canada

  • Residents are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate licensure in the Province where they are completing the elective.  Your CPSO license is only applicable in Ontario.
  • CMPA coverage is applicable within Canada.  CMPA insists that residents contact them directly to notify them of any changes. Residents must notify the CMPA to inform them of the place and dates of any elective if outside of Ontario.

Outside of Canada and including the United States

  • Residents are responsible for obtaining information and for securing the appropriate medical licensure and malpractice coverage for the location where they will be completing the elective. NOTE: your cover does not extend to outside of Ontario. If you do not have the appropriate coverage, you should not practice clinically.
  • Residents are responsible for communicating with the institution or location where the elective will occur to find out what medical liability coverage they recognize.  If the resident is not automatically covered for medical liability by the accepting institution, the resident is responsible for securing such coverage as recommended and recognized by that institution.
  • For their own protection, residents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the accepting institution in writing or by email.  Residents should maintain this information for their records should there be a dispute regarding the lack of coverage or inappropriate coverage.  Any disputes or legal implications will be the responsibility of the resident to resolve with the accepting institution.  Residents will be financially responsible for any legal fees incurred.


Information for residents at other institutions wishing to complete an elective at Queen's:



2021-2022 Electives are available at Queen’s University provided you have the approval of the home and receiving schools' Program Directors. Access to the hospital (e.g. quarantine periods), are determined by the hospital and can change at any time. An attestation as to your completed COVID-19 vaccination status (two shots of an approved vaccine with the second shot being at least 14 days prior to the start of your elective) must be provided in your letter of good standing by your home Program Director. If you are not completely vaccinated or  do not have a medical exemption, your elective request will be denied. A medical exemption will have to be reviewed on a case by case basis and your elective request may be denied

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office at Queen's University welcomes medical trainees from other schools to register as elective residents in order to satisfy a specified part of the requirements of the ongoing residency training program in which they are enrolled at their home institution.  Elective training is short-term training that does not exceed 6 months in duration.