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May 9, 2023: The application cycle for Fall 2023 intake has now been closedPlease note that the application guides and websites are currently in the process of being updated for the next application cycle. Please refer to the guides and websites once the application cycle opens in October for information about that specific application cycle.


QuARMS is a unique pathway allowing graduating high school students to apply to Queen's Medical School after only two years of undergraduate study at Queen's without taking the MCAT.

QuARMS Choose you pathway

This pathway is the only one of its kind in Canada.
Open exclusively to Black-identified and Indigenous students.

Queen’s recognizes that Indigenous peoples and Black Canadians have been historically underrepresented in the medical profession, and that standard medical admissions practices have imposed barriers to these groups. With this new approach to the QuARMS pathway, we are hoping to reach individuals who may not have considered Queen’s or the medical profession otherwise. Our faculty aims to become a leader in Canada in cultural safety, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and anti-oppression in health professions education. There is a large body of work to be done and this is one important step toward making a Queen’s health professions education more accessible.

| Dr. Jane Philpott, Dean, Queen’s Faculty of Health Sciences


10 seats available

Seats are reserved for Black-identified students (Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American, multi-racial students who have and identify with their Black ancestry) and Indigenous Students.

Diverse educational experience

During your first two years or undergraduate study, enjoy a diverse educational experience by taking courses from a variety of programs.

Direct learning opportunities from practicing physicians

Multiple opportunities to have one-on-one and group discussions with practicing physicians, exclusive to QuARMS students.

Work with the surrounding community

Get to know the community outside of Queen’s with the QuARMS volunteer opportunities – you’ll learn how to provide for the needs of a community, preparing you for a career working with patients.

Develop a network with your peers

QuARMS students create relationships that can carry them throughout their medical school careers.

No MCAT required.

As a QuARMS student, the MCAT is not required when you apply to the MD program at Queen's School of Medicine.

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