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How to Apply

Queen's University School of Medicine building in Kingston, Ontario

In order to be considered for the QuARMS pathway, applicants must:

  1. Meet the criteria on our Prospective QuARMS Students page.
  2. Apply to Queen’s through the Ontario Universities’ Applications Centre (OUAC) and submit a complete application to one, or more, of the following Queen’s University undergraduate programs:
  1. Applicants MUST select “QuARMS Pathway” from the available drop-down menu for their 'subject of major interest' for at least one of the qualifying program choices on their OUAC applications. Applicants must also meet the admission requirements for the undergraduate program to which they apply.
  2. Applicants must submit their most up-to-date transcript by the QuARMS application deadline. Please take into consideration processing time when submitting. Late transcript submissions are not guaranteed to be accepted. 
  3. Selected applicants will be required to complete a supplemental application and interview (if invited). 

Please note that our communication with QuARMS applicants is done through email. It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor their email and all associated email folders (inbox, spam, junk, etc.) during the application proces. Any invitations that are not answered by our stipulated deadline for each piece of the application will be considered declined. (no exceptions)

If accepted into the QuARMS Pathway:

  1. Successfully complete two years of undergraduate study including all QuARMS activities.
  2. Apply for a seat in the School of Medicine at Queen’s. Admissions to QuARMS does not guarantee admission to the School of Medicine. If you are not accepted or choose not to apply, then you may remain a student in your undergraduate program.

*Please note that due to the competitiveness of the QuARMS pathway, meeting the admissions requirements for the applicable undergraduate program does not guarantee admission into the QuARMS pathway. If you are unsuccesful in the QuARMS Pathway, you remain eligible for the Undergraduate program you applied to. 

Indigenous students applying to QuARMS: 

Indigenous applicants will need to submit one of the following documents (proof of Indigenous ancestry): 

  • Indian status cards from First Nations who are federally recognized and those listed on the Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada website;
  • Non-Status First Nations applicants may provide their parents and/or grandparents Indian status card & the applicant's long form birth certificate or baptismal certificate;
  • A membership card indicating that they are a Non-Status First Nations who are currently in a court case (example: Algonquin);
  • Métis citizenship from organizations that are members of the Métis National Council;
  • Nunavut Trust Certificate card or Inuit roll number

For assistance with the Indigenous Access Policy, please contact the Indigenous Recruitment & Access Coordinator at the Faculty of Health Sciences: OR the Indigenous Recruitment Coordinator at the Faculty of Arts & Science: 


Step 1: Apply through OUAC to an eligible undergraduate program for the QuARMS pathway (Arts, Science, Computing, Life Sciences or Health Sciences). Select QuARMS pathway as ‘subject of major interest’ and ensure application and transcripts are submitted by the deadline for this pathway. 

Deadline to apply: December 8, 2021

Step 2 (December):  If selected, candidate will be emailed a supplemental application to complete. 

Step 3 (March):  After the supplemental applications are reviewed, invited candidates participate in the interview process.

Step 4 (April): All Candidates who participated in an interview will be notified of their application status.

After being accepted to Queen’s and successfully completing 2 years in an eligible undergraduate program and fulfilling all QuARMS requirements:

Step 5: Apply directly to the School of Medicine Admissions committee for entry into the MD program.

Step 6: If you are offered a place in the MD program and choose to accept, you will start your 4-year medical degree.

If you are not accepted, or choose not to apply, then you may remain a student in your undergraduate program.

Admissions Document Checklist:

If you accept an offer of Admission to the QuARMS pathway, please submit the following to Queen's School of Medicine Admissions Office by August 1. We ask that you please email your documents to 


 Note: Failure to provide all of the required documents by August 1 will result in limited participation in the QuARMS program and your successful progression in the program will be compromised.

1. Declaration form, to be signed and submitted via email to

2. Vulnerable Persons Police Sector Check (SUBMIT ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENT - please mail or drop off original document to Admissions Office) 

       Information Regarding Police Records Check Policy:

  • All students who accept an offer of admission into a Medical, Residency, Nursing or Rehabilitation Therapy program will provide evidence of a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, conducted at their expense, before they will be permitted to register in the program.
  • The Schools will make reasonable efforts to inform potential applicants of the requirement to have a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening and that a not clear Police Check may result in withdrawal of an offer of admission, or suspension or expulsion from the program.
  • An applicant or student who submits false, misleading or incomplete information about a criminal charge or criminal record may be subject to sanction by the School and/or the University.
  • The Ontario Human Rights Code permits the discrimination in the provision of educational services on the basis of a criminal record, provided that a pardon has not been granted under the Criminal Records Act. Accordingly, it would not be a violation of the human rights code to deny admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences to any individual who has a criminal record. 
  • Nevertheless, universities are required to act fairly and reasonably when making decisions that affect the rights and opportunities of others. As a result, decisions which result in the denial of admission to or removal from an academic program must be made thoughtfully, respecting the need for due process.

        All students are required to mail or drop off the original hard copy of the Police Record Check to our Admissions Office by August 1 


          Instructions for Toronto Residents

 3Photo Consent Information