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Eligible Undergraduate Programs

To be considered for the QuARMS pathway, applicants must apply through the Ontario Universities’ Applications Centre (OUAC) and submit a complete application to one, or more, of the following Queen's University direct-entry undergraduate programs:

Applicants must meet the admissions requirements for the undergraduate program(s) that they choose to apply for.  Applicants who meet all the QuARMS eligibility requirements and are enrolled at a secondary school outside of Ontario, including 1st year CEGEP students, are required to submit a complete a high school transcript, including a listing of all course enrolments for the current academic year, with their Intent to Apply Form.  Course and grade information for applicants currently enrolled at an Ontario secondary school will be submitted automatically to Queen’s with their OUAC 101 Application. It is the responsibility of Ontario applicants to ensure their grades and course enrolments are reported correctly by their school to OUAC by the QuARMS application deadline.

Applicants will also need to go to our QuARMS How to Apply page and complete the QuARMS Intent to Apply form confirming their intent to apply.

All steps must be completed and submitted by the QuARMS application deadline. (No exceptions)

Due to the competitiveness of the QuARMS pathway, meeting the admissions requirements for the applicable undergraduate program does not guarantee admission into the QuARMS pathway.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsuccessful in the QuARMS pathway application process, you will still remain eligible for consideration in the Undergraduate program(s) you applied to. Information regarding undergraduate programs can be found on the Undergraduate Admission website.

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