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How to Apply

Application Process

Applications for Queen's School of Medicine MD/PhD and MD/Master’s program are submitted to Ontario Medical Schools' Application Service (OMSAS). It is your responsibility to ensure that OMSAS receives all the required application pieces, including all references, documents, transcripts, and registrar statements, by the application deadlines. You can find more information about OMSAS' key dates and application deadlines here.

All application components must be submitted to OMSAS by the specified deadlines for the application to be considered. Casper assessment results must also be submitted by our program’s Casper submission deadline as listed on Acuity Insights (You can find more information in the Casper section on the MD Admissions How to Apply page). No late submissions will be considered. Addendums or supplemental materials sent directly to the School of Medicine, or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants who have applied previously must resubmit all application requirements each cycle to be considered.

Admission procedures are reviewed annually and requirements from previous years may not apply. Queen’s University reserves the right to change admission requirements at any time, without notice. Submission deadlines are final, and the instructions provided on OMSAS must be followed for your application to be considered. When you apply to the Queen’s University MD Program, you accept the current admission policies and procedures, as well as the methods by which the applicants are selected.


Communication with applicants will be through the email address provided in your OMSAS application. As such, it is your responsibility to monitor your email and all associated email folders (inbox, spam, junk, etc.) during the application process. This includes ensuring that email inboxes and associated folders are not full and are able to receive incoming mail. We are not responsible for any correspondence that is not answered by stipulated deadlines. 

Applicants, prospective applicants or other individuals with inquiries about our program are expected to conduct themselves throughout their interaction with our office and/or the application process in a manner that is respectful to the community, our faculty, and our staff. 

Please note that all inquiries related to MD/PhD and Md/Master's Program admissions are to be directed to . Sending multiple emails to various individuals at Queen’s University regarding admissions inquiries to our program will not speed up the response time in any way and will only cause further delays. Please also respect our response timelines indicated in our automatic replies. The Admissions Team tries to respond to your inquiries within those timelines.  

Applicants or their family members, delegates and friends are not to contact the Dean, School of Medicine, Associate Dean, MD Program, or Associate Dean, Graduate & Postdoctoral Education directly or indirectly in any form/method/manner regarding the application process or their application. To do so, will be considered a breach of professionalism and any such contact or overtures will be noted and may jeopardize the individual’s application. 

Please note that we do not respond to third party inquiries that are sent on behalf of an applicant.  

The MD Program at Queen’s University’s School of Medicine is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) - the bodies that accredit MD programs in Canada and the United States. As such, the Admissions Office adheres strictly with the following CACMS standard: 
The final responsibility for accepting students to a medical school rest with a formally constituted admission committee. The authority and composition of the committee and the rules for its operation, including voting privileges and the definition of a quorum, are specified in bylaws or other medical school policies. Faculty members constitute the majority of voting members at all meetings. The selection of individual students must not be influenced by any political or financial factors.

Important: You must indicate your intention to apply to this program in your OMSAS Application. By selecting this option, you are indicating that this is your first choice at Queen’s and, as such, you will be considered for this program first. If you are unsuccessful in receiving an interview or offer for this program, your application will only then be moved to the MD Kingston Campus Program for consideration.

You will not be considered simultaneously for both MD/PhD or MD/MSc combined programs and the MD Kingston Campus Program. If you are offered a position in the MD/PhD-MD/MSc program at the time of admission and choose to decline it, your application will be closed and hence you will not then be considered for the MD Kingston Campus program.


Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both programs (both the MD and PhD programs or MD and Master's programs) and will be assessed for eligibility for admission by each program. All components of the main MD application and the supplemental pieces for the combined MD/PhD and MD/Master's programs must be completed by the application deadline in order to be considered. The minimum requirement for the MD/PhD or MD/Master’s Programs at Queen’s University is an Honours baccalaureate degree.

You can review the MD program eligibility requirements here.

Students with a master’s degree or graduate students in the second year of a master’s program are also eligible to apply. Students registered in a master’s program at the time of application must complete the requirements for the master’s degree prior to entry into the combined MD/PhD program. Applicants must have an obvious and demonstrated research potential.

Applicants to this combined program must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.

MMTP applicants are not eligible for this combined program.

If you apply to the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s combined program, then you are not eligible to apply to the:

  • MMTP stream
  • Queen’s-Lakeridge Health MD Family Medicine Program

Additional Application Items Required

Applicants must provide the following additional items for the MD/PhD and MD/Master's program and submit them through your OMSAS Application:

  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • A letter of intent indicating your research interests and accomplishments, and graduate program(s) of interest.
  • Abstracts of any publications, if available.
  • 2 additional confidential letters of recommendation focusing on your research accomplishments and potential to become a physician-scientist (in addition to the 3 references that are required for the MD application).
    • You may use the same referee for both the PhD/Master component of this application and the MD references; however, there are different forms that will need to be completed as an MD referee and as a PhD/MSc referee.
    • The MD component will require the completion of the CAF, while the PhD/MSc referee will be required to upload a letter of recommendation. You will see the referee selection choices in the OMSAS Application.
  •  If you are currently completing a PhD or have completed a PhD, you must include an additional 1-page statement clearly stating the reasoning for why another PhD degree or Master’s degree is necessary to advance your skill sets and how different this PhD or Master’s will be from the existing degree that you hold. This document must be uploaded using SAM in the OMSAS Application.