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Who Should Apply


    Queen’s MD/PhD and MD/Master’s program train students to become physician-scientists and innovators in research and patient care. Training in Queen’s MD/PhD MD/Master’s program will allow students to translate their discoveries in research into providing advances in medical care to Canadians and patients around the world.

    The combined MD/PhD and MD/Master’s programs at Queen’s University are offered jointly by the School of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies and Post-doctoral Affairs, with the participation of the graduate programs such as Biomedical Engineering (Collaborative Program), Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Cancer Research (Collaborative Program), Computing, Epidemiology, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Neuroscience, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Rehabilitation Science, and Public Health Sciences.

    The program combines the four-year (9 term) MD Program with an 11 term (PhD) or 5 term (Master’s) period of full-time enrollment in one of the participating graduate programs. Students will complete all course requirements of the MD Program, the course and thesis requirements of the specific graduate program in which they are enrolled, the PhD comprehensive exam, if applicable, and any other requirements of the specific graduate program.