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Offers & Deferrals

Each year the Queen's School of Medicine coordinates its initial round of offers with the other Ontario Medical Schools. This means that you will receive the results of your application some time during May. After the initial round of offers and declines, we will continue to send offers until the class has been filled. 

Offers will be conditional on the applicant’s ability to maintain an academic standing that is acceptable to the Admissions Committee, complete all required credits and submit required documents requested at the time of the offer (Admissions documents checklist) as well as submit a non-refundable deposit of $1050. This amount is applied to the minimum tuition payment.  

All applicants will receive an email relating to the outcome of their application.   Finally, once the class has been filled, an email will be sent to all applicants on the waitlist. 

For these reasons, it is important that if you change your email from the one appearing on the OMSAS application that you let us know. If you wish to update your email address, click here.

The Admissions Committee will consider granting a request for deferral of admission only in exceptional circumstances and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for deferral must be made within 2 weeks of the date of offer for admission and only after that offer is accepted and the deposit has been paid. Deferral requests after August 1 will not be considered. Deferrals will normally only be granted for a maximum of 1 year and typically reserved for those completing an advance degree. A request for deferral letter must be emailed directly to the Queen’s School of Medicine Admissions Office.

Please review policy AD-05 v2

All required documents must be submitted to the Queen’s School of Medicine Admissions Office no later than August 1st (excluding immunizations which are due by July 17).  Failure to provide all the required documents by August 1st will result in your offer being rescinded.


We ask that you please email your documents to 

Step 1: Photocopy of your Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Certification* or CPR Level C Certification. (please ensure the document is legible for print)

As a medical student, you are responsible for ensuring that your CPR Level C/H&S Foundation BLS Provider certification is up to date. The School of Medicine does not provide CPR/BLS certification as part of its curriculum; however, it does offer an ACLS Certification course during MEDS 482: Transition to Residency in April of your final year. *In order to take the ACLS Certification course, you must have a current Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS Provider Certification card; other certifications will not be accepted. The onus is on you to maintain your certification on your own time and at your own expense. You may certify through other providers during preclerkship if you wish; however, you must have the Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS Provider Certification in order to complete the ACLS Certification course offered in your final year of clerkship.

We highly recommend that you recertify annually during the month of May through the Heart and Stroke Foundation to ensure that your certification is current at all times and will permit you to participate in the ACLS Certification course in your final year.

Step 2: Declaration Form, to be signed and submitted via email

Step 3: Vulnerable Persons Police Sector Check (Please email a copy and mail original document to Admissions Office) 

Information Regarding Police Records Check Policy:

    • All students who accept an offer of admission into a Medical, Residency, Nursing or Rehabilitation Therapy program will provide evidence of a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, conducted at their expense, before they will be permitted to register in the program.
    • The Schools will make reasonable efforts to inform potential applicants of the requirement to have a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening and that a not clear Police Check may result in withdrawal of an offer of admission, or suspension or expulsion from the program.
    • An applicant or student who submits false, misleading or incomplete information about a criminal charge or criminal record may be subject to sanction by the School and/or the University.
    • The Ontario Human Rights Code permits the discrimination in the provision of educational services on the basis of a criminal record, provided that a pardon has not been granted under the Criminal Records Act. Accordingly, it would not be a violation of the human rights code to deny admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences to any individual who has a criminal record. 
    • Nevertheless, universities are required to act fairly and reasonably when making decisions that affect the rights and opportunities of others. As a result, decisions which result in the denial of admission to or removal from an academic program must be made thoughtfully, respecting the need for due process.

All students are required to mail the original hard copy of the Police Record Check to our Admissions Office.


Instructions for Toronto Residents

Step 4:
 Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination is required for clinical teaching activities  and clinical placements. Medical learners should follow NACI recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines. Medical learners who choose not to have COVID-19 vaccination should be notified that university and hospital policies may preclude them from clinical teaching and/or clinical placements that are curricular requirements. .

You are responsible to receive the vaccine at your earliest convenience and when available, providing confirmation to  FAQ’s can be found on our QMED Help Tool.

Step 5: Immunization and Testing Form 2021 (the AFMC form says 2020, please disregard the date and proceed) Form must be fully completed by your health care provider, instead of completing Appendix E, Queen’s students are required to provide a recent serology report for Hepatitis C and HIV testing on admission to medical school. This requirement will be updated again prior to clerkship.

 *If you have a specific immunization related inquiry it is highly recommended you contact Queen's Learner Wellness at as they will submit the inquiry to the Occupational Health Nurse for an appropriate response. Please allow 2-5 business days. 

NOTE: The length of time this process can take to acquire all necessary vaccinations, follow up, testing and documentation is often greatly underestimated. Please review the Communicable Diseases Protocol

Please submit all immunization forms and information to the Undergraduate Medical Education office by email ( by the specified deadline of July 17, 2021. 

If you have an immunization related inquiry, please email Queen's Learner Wellness (

Step 6: Evidence of Canadian citizenship, a copy of your Canadian passport, birth certificate or certificate of Canadian citizenship, or proof of Canadian permanent residency.  A Social Insurance Number does not fulfill this requirement. (Please ensure the document is legible for print)

Step 7: Consent and Notice of Disclosure Form(This is for review purposes only. Students will be required to sign an updated version during orientation week)

Step 8: Joint Hospital Confidentiality Statement