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Welcome Dr. Matthew Simpson, DND Director, MD Program
Dr. Matthew Simpson was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces from 1990 to 2015. He joined the Army Reserves in High School… Read More
Congratulations to PARO Award Winners!
Recipients of the PARO awards for 2023 have been announced and Queen's winners include: Dr. Margaret Gemmill, Family… Read More
UOJM National Commentaries Contest
Enter the UOJM National Commentaries Contest.  Prizes of up to $1000!  Further information is available from the flyer.
Job Opportunities
Did you know that the PGME Office posts job opportunities for physicians?  We are occasionally sent job postings and when we… Read More
Resident Writing Contest
Medical students and residents are invited to submit reflective essays, prose, poetry, plays, or graphic novellas exploring… Read More