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Vic Sahai, MEDS 123 - Population Health, Course Director

Welcome Vic Sahai, MEDS 123 - Population Health, Course Director, MD Program

Vic has many years of experience in the field of public health research and evaluation. His knowledge and expertise in population health, epidemiology, and health informatics have allowed him to contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices and the well-being of diverse and marginalized populations in a meaningful way.

Throughout his career, Vic has held various academic positions, including roles at institutions like the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), Laurentian University, and Queen’s. Embracing creative teaching methods, such as role-playing, he has been able to engage students effectively, making complex subjects more enjoyable and captivating for them.

As one of the founding members of the Curriculum Development Committee at NOSM, Vic has maintained a strong commitment to social accountability. He values collaboration with communities and stakeholders to proactively address healthcare needs, extending beyond conventional academic boundaries.

Additionally, Vic has participated in several research projects and collaborations at provincial and national levels, working with institutions such as the Ministry of Health, CIHI, ICES, Statistics Canada, and PHAC. Through these partnerships, he has been able to contribute to innovative solutions aimed at improving public healthcare services.

Throughout his career, Vic's focus has been on addressing the health needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. He has closely worked with various Canadian communities, including Indigenous Nations, Northern and remote communities, and the LGBTQ+ community, to support gender-affirming healthcare and promote equitable health and healthcare access for all.

With experience as a public health epidemiologist, former Coordinator of the Public Health Research, Education and Development Division (PHRED), Executive Director of the Northern Health Information Partnership (NHIP), and Director of the Hotel Dieu Hospital Research Institute, Vic has played a part in advancing research, data access, and evidence-based decision-making in the public health sector and has contributed to the betterment of public health practices.