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Postgraduate Committees

The Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC) supports the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education at Queen’s University in planning, organizing and evaluating all aspects of residency education. The Committee is responsible for developing appropriate policies and processes to oversee residency education; advocating for resources to facilitate and enhance residency education;  and, addressing social accountability within residency programs ensuring the needs of the population are served.

Download the PGMEC Terms of Reference here.

Core Committee  
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education (Chair) Dr. Karen Schultz
Anatomical Pathology Program Director Dr. Christine Orr
Anesthesiology Program Director (Acting) Dr. Staci Ridi
Cardiology Program Director
Cardiology Assistant Program Director
Dr. Samir Hazra
Dr. Zardasht Jaff
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Dr. Amer Sapru
Clinician Investigator Program Director Dr. Anne Ellis
Critical Care  Program Director Dr. Paul Heffernan
Diagnostic Radiology Program Director
Diagnostic Radiology Assistant Program Director
Dr. Andrew Chung
Dr. Benjamin Kwan
Emergency Medicine Program Director
Emergency Medicine Assistant Program Director
Dr. Erin Brennan
Dr. Chris Evans
Family Medicine Program Director
Family Medicine Assistant Program Director
Dr. Brent Wolfrom
Dr. Josh Li
Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Program Director Dr. Brent Wolfrom
FM / Anesthesia Program Coordinator
FM / Anesthesia Assistant Program Coordinator
Dr. Valerie McLeod
Dr. Cameron MacLean
FM / Care of the Elderly Program Coordinator Dr. Christopher Frank
FM / Emergency Medicine Program Coordinator
FM / Emergency Medicine Assistant Program Coordinator
Dr. Matthew Stacey
Dr. Elizabeth Blackmore
Gastroenterology Program Director
Gastroenterology Assistant Program Director
Dr. Mark Ropeleski
Dr. David Rodriques
General Internal Medicine Program Director Dr. Steven Montague
General Surgery Program Director Dr. Sarah Jones
Geriatric Psychiatry Dr. Maria Hussain
Hematology Program Director Dr. Janet Lui
Infectious Diseases Dr. Evan Wilson
Internal Medicine Program Director Dr. Stephen Gauthier
Dr. Sara Awad
Dr. Bikrampal Sidhu
Medical Oncology Program Director Dr. Francisco Vera Badillo
Nephrology Program Director Dr. Hasitha Welihinda
Neurology Program Director Dr. Lysa Lomax
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Program Director Dr. Marisa Horniachek
Ophthalmology Program Director Dr. Mark Bona
Orthopedic Surgery Program Director Dr. Davide Bardana
Pediatrics Program Director
Pediatrics Assistant Program Director
Dr. Kirk Leifso
Dr. Laura Wheaton
Palliative Care Medicine Program Director Dr. Craig Goldie
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program Director Dr. Sussan Askari
Psychiatry Program Director Dr. Matthew Tobin
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Associate Program Director Dr. Samantha Buttemer
Radiation Oncology Program Director Dr. Martin Korzeniowski
Respirology Program Director Dr. Christina Liak
Rheumatology Program Director Dr. Marie Clements-Baker
Surgical Foundations Program Director Dr. Timothy Phillips
Dr. Sarah Jones
Urology Program Director Dr. Jason Izard
Director, Resident Wellness Dr. Melissa Andrew
Assistant Dean, Distributed Medical Education Dr. Ruzica Jokic
Chief, Academic and Medical Affairs, Kingston Health Sciences Centre Chris Gillies
Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Patient Flow, and Research, Providence Care Allison Philpot
Resident Representatives  
PARO Representative

Dr. Bryce Chen
Dr. Julia Milden
Dr. Michael Parvizian

CFPC Resident Representative Dr. Meghan Kerr
RCPSC Resident Representative Dr. Nazde Edeer 
Non-Voting Members  
Vice Dean, Education Dr. Richard van Wylick
EDI Faculty Lead, FHS  
Program Manager, Postgraduate Medical Education Jordan Sinnett
Accreditation Coordinator, Postgraduate Medical Education Karen Spilchen
Family Medicine - Kingston & 1000 Islands Site Director Dr. Kelly Howse
Family Medicine - Belleville/Quinte Site Director Dr. Nadia Knarr
Family Medicine - Peterborough/Kawartha Site Director Dr. Kim Curtin
Family Medicine - Bowmanville/Oshawa/Lakeridge Site Director Dr. Wei-Hsi Pang
Family Medicine - Indigenous Health Dr. Michael Green
Family Medicine - Global Health Dr. Eva Purkey
Family Medicine - Women's Health Dr. Rupa Patel
Medical Director, Academic Affairs - Lakeridge Health Corporation Dr. Randy Wax
Director, Assessment and Evaluation and Chair, Education Advisory Board Laura McEwen, PhD
Director, Marketing and Recruitment Nicholas Snider 
Chair, Resident Advisory Committee TBC
Member of the Public Diane Kelly
RCPSC Program Administrator Hayley Stitt
CFPC Program Administrator Laura McDiarmid
Educational Consultant Representative Lindsay Crawford
Queen's Medical Education Committee Dr. Jessica Trier
Dr. Alison Banwell
EDI Resident Representatives TBC
Accreditation Faculty Leads Dr. Melissa Andrew
Dr. Laura Marcotte
Fellowship Education Advisory Committee TBC 
All meetings will offer a hybrid option.  Participants may attend in person or join by Zoom.



September 14, 2022
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


October 13, 2022
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


December 15, 2022
Donald Gordon Centre, Conference Room A
Holiday Luncheon 11:30am-12:00pm, meeting to follow


January 11, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


February 16, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


March 23, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


April 20, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


May 17, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


June 22, 2023
Macklem House, Kelly Boardroom


PGY1 Subcommittee

The PGY1 Subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC) has been established to make recommendations to the PGMEC regarding affairs of the PGY1 programs.  The PGY1 Subcommittee will discuss several key topics including:

  • Queen's postgraduate quotas in the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS)
  • curriculum review and development for the Core Academic Days
  • resident assignment and management for PGY1 required rotations

Terms of Reference


PGY1 Allocation Subcommittee

The PGY1 Allocation Subcommittee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education on the annual PGY 1 position allocations for the CaRMS intake cycle. 

Terms of Reference

The Resident Advisory Committee was established in August 2012 to provide a forum for resident engagement in policy and management decisions within the affiliated teaching hospitals.  Working collaboratively with hospital administration, the committee reports to the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC).

Resident Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

The Critical Care Medicine (CCM) Position Allocation Subcommittee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the CCM Training Program and the Associate Dean, PGME, on the annual allocation of trainees participating in CCM at Queen's University and at CCM designated training sites.

Download the Terms of Reference

The Internal Review Subcommittee (IRSC) is a standing committee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC) and is responsible for reviewing all external (both Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)) and internal accreditation activities (e.g. Internal Reviews, Queen’s Action Plan Outcome Reports (QPORs)). This includes monitoring programs’ progress on previously identified areas for improvement (AFIs), as well as identifying new AFIs and monitoring follow through of newly identified AFIs. The committee will provide constructive feedback to individual programs to support continuous quality improvement (CQI) and will recommend follow up reporting requirements. 

The committee will be responsible for identifying common themes and issues across programs, as well as leading practices and innovations, and to report back on these at the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee meetings. 

Terms of Reference

The Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Advisory Subcommittee is an executive-level group supporting the Associate Dean PGME (AD-PGME). This group will be a subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC). It provides high-level executive review of policies, procedures, and other educational matters as well as strategic planning, to effectively support Queen’s University residency and fellowship programs. Items coming forward from this group will be referred to the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC), as the committee charged with review and ultimate ratification of educational matters and policies. 

Terms of Reference

The Subspecialty Subcommittee makes recommendations and approves business directly relating subspecialty programs (MSM, Psychiatry Subspecialty, and Critical Care). Information will be shared with the PGMEC. Recommendations of the Subspecialty Subcommittee that will affect all programs will be brought to the PGMEC committee for final approval. 

Terms of Reference