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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

The overall mandate of the CIP at Queen’s University is to increase Clinician Scientist research capacity in Canada.  We will achieve this by developing the next generation of Clinician Scientist research leaders who will have developed the skill sets to achieve broad-based excellence not only in research but also as clinicians, supervisors/mentors, teachers and academics in general.

Overall Goals and Objectives

• To assist in the career development of future clinician investigators.

• To provide advice to residents who are considering training as a clinician investigator.

• To provide trainees with an individualized program, within a well-developed general framework, for research training in conjunction with various university Graduate Programs.

• To promote the integration of research and clinical training.

• To optimize research and clinical mentorship during research training.

• To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and attitudes that are important for clinician investigators.

• To facilitate contact and collaboration between trainees, and between trainees and established researchers, both within Queen’s and at other institutions.