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The CIP has an open door policy and trainees are strongly encouraged to seek help should any troubling issues arise with any aspect of their research or clinical training.

An appeal by a trainee related to any aspect of the CIP should first be made in writing to the CIP Program Director or any member of the CIP Faculty Committee who would make the concerns known to the CIP Director at the earliest opportunity. The CIP Director would meet with the trainee to try to help resolve the issue with the other parties (e.g., Research Supervisor, clinical department Program Director). If necessary the trainee’s concern would be discussed with the CIP Faculty Committee. Consistent with standard Queen’s Postgraduate Medical Education policies, if the trainee’s concerns are not resolved to the trainee’s satisfaction, the trainee may submit an appeal to the Postgraduate Academic Review Board, which adjudicates on behalf of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee and the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education. If the trainee disagrees with the judgment of the Appeals Review Board, and challenges this judgment on procedural grounds, the trainee can further make an appeal to the Faculty of Health Science Promotion and Appeal Board, which adjudicates on behalf of the Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences. The Postgraduate Medical Education Office website provides a detailed description of how resident evaluations are to occur and the process for appealing an evaluation: Appeals

Graduate Program student appeals are governed by Queen’s University’s Student Appeals process which is described on the Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies website: ( The general approach of the University is to encourage the speedy resolution of academic problems informally and through the normal administrative routes i.e., coordinators of graduate studies and department/program heads, before pursuing formal appeal processes. Thus an appeal directly related to the graduate research program would initially occur at the level of the Graduate Program coordinator and/or Department head before proceeding to the Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. If the academic problem is not resolved through the informal appeal process, the student may then ask the Secretary of the Academic Appeal Board of the School of Graduate Studies to convene an Academic Appeal Board to hear his or her appeal.