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CIP Committee Members

Name Department University Appointment
Dr. Anne Ellis Medicine CIP Program Director
Dr. Paula James Pathology & Molecular Medicine Professor
Dr. Brian Bennett DBMS Associate Dean, Graduate 
& Postdoctoral Education
Dr. Mike Brundage Radiation Oncology & CHE Professor
Dr. Ian Gilron Anesthesiology & BMS Professor
Dr. Bruce Banfield DBMS Professor 
Dr. Kristan Aronson Cancer Care & Epidemiology Professor
Dr. Peter Greer Pathology & Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Jamie Pyper Faculty of Education Professor
Dr. Karen Schultz Family Medicine Associate Dean, PGME
Resident Representative Any Clinical Department Elected by Peers

    CHE – Community Health and Epidemiology

    BMS – Biomedical & Molecular Sciences

CIP Committee Terms of Reference - updated December 7, 2015