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3D Printing

Welcome to 3D printing at Queen's University's Clinical Simulation Center.

We have been busy experimenting with  3D printing and found a variety of uses for it around our center. There has been a wide range of uses from replacement parts for our high fidelity simulators, medical educational models, trophy's for competitions, 3d printed scans and more.

3d printing at CSC

We have a Tevo Tornado 3d printer that has a single extruder (Prints with one colour or material type) and has been customized with a few extra bells and whistles. We have added a raspberry pi to allow for remote monitoring and control, some upgraded parts to print flexible material and too many others to mention. The printers build surface is 300mm x 300mm x 400mm and is one of the largest 3d printers on campus.

Some Examples Projects


Cricothyrotomy trainer

TEE Ultrasound Heart Model

Manikin Replacement Part

Medical device replacement parts

3D Scan and Print