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Debrief Rooms

There is one debrief room attached to each Simulation Lab. All four debriefing rooms feature state of the art multimedia workstations with dual projectors in the larger two rooms (Rooms 1 & 4) and 60” LCD monitors in the smaller two (Rooms 2 & 3). Also available is the ability to playback video recorded from simulation labs, and convenient one-way mirrors for viewing into the simulation labs with audio.

Simulation Labs

These simulation labs are meant to provide flexibility of set-up. With all equipment on wheels, there is the ability to set them up in any number of ways. For example, each room may be set up as an emergency room, a complete operating room or an obstetrical delivery room. Each simulation lab has three high definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras and three microphones, as well as a vitals monitor capable of being recorded on our DVR’s for playback in debrief rooms or put onto a multimedia medium of your choice.

Surgical Skills Labs

The two surgical skills labs are highly versatile with the ability to accommodate hands on wet lab style courses, as well as presentation style lectures. These labs have scrub sinks, a vast array of partial-trainers available, as well as power and suction at every station. Also, each lab is equipped with a multimedia podium and a high definition camera to view procedures live via the projector in the lab.