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Residency Survival Guides

CMA Booth at Orientation

The transition from medical school to residency, and then to independent practice, can be overwhelming.  The following guidebooks provide information on preparing for residency, getting through residency, and transitioning to practice:

Prepping for Residency Guide  (PARO)

Resident Financial Planner (PARO)

Guide for Chief and Senior Residents (PARO)

Program Transfer Guide (PARO)

Transition to Residency (OCFP)

Transition to Practice (OCFP)

In addition, be sure to check out some of the following websites for more helpful information:


Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO)

Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP)

College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC)

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS)


Don't forget that Dr. Melissa Andrew, the PGME Director of Resident Wellness, is an invaluable resource for questions about residency and beyond.  Appointments with Dr. Andrew can be arranged by contacting