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On behalf of the Postgraduate Medical Education Office and the School of Medicine, I am pleased to welcome you to Queen’s University and our regional community.  I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your time with us.

Queen’s has a rich history of excellence in medical education dating back more than one hundred and fifty years.  We are proud to offer challenging yet rewarding residency training programs taught by renowned physicians and scholars from across Canada and around the world.  Our teaching hospitals, together with Queen’s University, provide excellent facilities for teaching and learning while Kingston and our regional communities offer an outstanding quality of life.

With the support and collaboration of our various partners, it is our vision that your learning occurs in an atmosphere of excellent practice, discovery, collegiality, and respect for all as you move toward the eventual goal of independent practice.  The Postgraduate Medical Education Office is here to support your learning and provides a wide variety of services for residents.  We maintain an open-door policy and welcome inquiries from residents.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your achievements and to once again welcome you to our community.  I look forward to having you join us and hope to meet you in the months ahead.

Karen Schultz, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Associate Dean,   Postgraduate Medical Education





Dr. Schultz earned her BSc from Dalhousie University, graduating with the Governor General’s Gold Medal for the top graduating student in her class. She is a proud Queen’s alumna having earned her MD from Queen’s University, where she also completed her residency in Family Medicine.

Since 1987, Dr. Schultz has been at Queen’s University in the Department of Family Medicine. She has held a series of positions, including Curriculum Director and Program Director for the Family Medicine residency program. She is currently the Department’s Assessment Director, and co-chairs the Hidden Curriculum Working Group. At the national level, Dr. Schultz has held numerous roles with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and currently serves as chair of the Certification Process and Assessment Committee.

Dr. Schultz has had a prolific career as an educator and a mentor and is widely known and recognized for her leadership in implementing Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) in the Family Medicine program. She has been the recipient of numerous awards that celebrate her work as both an administrator and an educator. While Program Director, the Queen’s Department of Family Medicine received the PARO Program of the Year Award in 2012 and 2016. In 2012, the Ontario College of Family Physicians recognized her with their Award of Excellence. And in 2015, the Canadian Association of Medical Educators (CAME) awarded her with a Certificate of Merit, in recognition of her commitment to medical education.  In 2017 Dr. Schultz was honoured to receive the CFPC’s Jim Ruderman award, a national award for leadership. She is a five-time recipient of the Clinical Instructors Award, a three-time recipient of the IMG Excellence in Clinical Teaching Recognition Award, and a two-time recipient of the Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award. She has also received the CAME Best Poster Award, the Family Medicine Residents’ Appreciation Award and was recognized by the Office of Faculty Development Professional Enhancement Recognition Program.

The focus of Dr. Schultz’s research is on medical education. Through her scholarly work, she aims to improve curriculum, assessments and learning outcomes for medical students, residents and fellows. Her recent research projects cover topics such as transforming the assessment culture, incorporating leadership development in family medicine residency and establishing curriculum learning outcomes for leadership skills development.

To contact the Postgraduate Medical Education by phone, please dial one of the following:
613.533.2543 - Postgraduate Medical Education Office main line
613.533.6000 - Queen's University automated switchboard, followed by the individual extension number listed below


Accreditation  Extension
Melissa Andrew
Faculty Lead Co-Chair

The Accreditation Faculty Leads are responsible for coordinating and implementing the work of the Internal Review Subcommittee. This integral subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee is responsible for ensuring that a robust continuous quality improvement process is in place to meet CanERA accreditation standards.

Laura Marcotte
Faculty Lead Co-Chair
Assessment and Evaluation Extension
Laura McEwen, PhD
Director, Assessment and Evaluation 
The Director, Assessment and Evaluation collaborates with faculty members and residents to design, develop, and research the implementation of competency-based assessment systems. She also works with educational leadership to develop policy and processes to support innovation in competency-based assessment and program evaluation.   74918
Administration Extension
Jordan Sinnett
Program Manager
The Program Manager oversees the operations of the PGME Office.  She is also available to meet with residents to discuss transfers and other resident issues. 75431
Leslie Barroso
Registration Coordinator
The Registration Coordinator is responsible for registering new and returning residents and Clinical Fellows and updating their training status.  She works closely with the CPSO, CMPA, and a variety of other agencies and embassies. 77046

Amanda Villeneuve
Office Assistant

The Office Assistant provides support to visitors and responds to general inquiries.  She is responsible for credentials verification and administers the resident awards program. 32543
Denise Jones
Assistant Program Manager
The Assistant Program Manager coordinates the annual CaRMS process and provides support to Program Assistants and Program Directors. 79325
Christine McCallum
Administrative & Financial Coordinator
The Administrative and Financial Coordinator is responsible for providing administrative support to the Associate Dean and for coordinating the financial systems associated with the administration and operations of the Department.  She also coordinates special events including convocation. 78831
Jen Railer
Program Coordinator
Jen supports the Faculty Leads for Competency-Based Medical Education and Educational Scholarship.  She also coordinates PGME special events.  
MacKenzie Ross
Program Assistant
MacKenzie supports visa-sponsored trainees, all clinical fellowships, medical trainee days, and the Clinician Investigator Program.  
Karen Spilchen
Accreditation Program Coordinator
The Accreditation Program Coordinator works closely with all postgraduate programs to coordinate accreditation activities.  This includes both internal and external reviews and on-site accreditation visits. She also coordinates various committee meetings including the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, PGY 1,  Subspecialty Committee meetings, the Resident Advisory Committee and the Education Advisory Board. 78105
Jeremy Solomatenko
Educational Consultant
The Educational Consultant provides project coordination and administrative support to the Internal Review Subcommittee and the Accreditation Executive Committee. The EC supports the development and implementation of the continuous quality improvement processes across our postgraduate residency and Areas of Focused Competence programs.   
Competency-Based Medical Education Extension
Dr. Kwan is the CBME Lead who oversees the continued development and advancement of competency-based medical education for all Queen’s residency programs.
Educational Scholarship Extension
Adam Szulewski, MD, FRCPC, MHPE, PhD
Educational Scholarship Lead
The Educational Scholarship Lead directs educational scholarship tied to competency-based medical education.
Marketing and Recruitment  Extension
Nicholas Snider
Director, Marketing and Recruitment 
The Director of Recruitment and Marketing works closely with residency programs to develop projects and initiatives designed to successfully recruit top prospective residents to Queen's.  He also works with the Associate Dean on special projects and is responsible for postgraduate communications including website development and maintenance.  
Resident Health and Wellness Extension
Melissa Andrew, MD, MEd, FRCPC
Director of Resident Wellness
The Director of Resident Wellness provides assistance to residents who encounter personal and academic difficulties in their program and offers counselling in a confidential and welcoming environment.


By email:

By phone: 

613.533.2543 - Postgraduate Medical Education Office main line
613.533.6000 - Queen's University automated switchboard, followed by the individual extension number of the person you wish to speak with

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