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Resident Accommodation Booking Process for Toronto and Ottawa


  • 2- four bedroom leased townhouses – walking distance to CHEO


  • a two bedroom leased condo – walking distance to TG, HSC, MS, PM and WC


All regional accommodation arrangements require the sharing of the unit with separate bedrooms for each resident/learner.

  1. Each year, in April, the Regional Education Office will send out an email notice to all program assistants requesting the booking requests for mandatory rotations in Ottawa and Toronto.
  2. On receipt of specific PG specialty program schedules for Ottawa/Toronto mandatory rotations, the Regional Education office will assign the residents’ names to the available accommodations. Accommodations will be scheduled to ensure best use of the space and maximizing booking capacity.
  3. Regional Education communicates with each of the program assistants to confirm accommodation arrangements.
  4. If accommodation requests surpass availability in Toronto, the resident(s) is provided with an accommodation allowance by Regional Education ($800/month) and the PGME Office (up to $1200). Some restrictions apply.      


N.B. Residents who decline the accommodations provided by Regional Education, will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation at their expense.

  1. Automated notifications from MEdTech will be sent to each residents’ Queen’s email address upon booking. This serves as the confirmation of booking and provides the location and check-in details.

As with all regional accommodations, all learners are required to meet the following expectations:

  • Linens must be laundered prior to departure
  • Unit must be cleaned (e.g., washroom, living areas)
  • Clean kitchen (including fridge)
  • Take out garbage and recycling
  • Leave accommodation neat and tidy
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Smoking is not permitted in the accommodation
  • Use assigned parking spot
  • Pick up and return keys to designated area
  • Check out at the designated time
  • Accommodations are for the learners use only
  • Telephone used for local calls only
  • Travel reimbursement is contingent upon fulfillment of the learner responsibilities.  The cost for 1 return trip for each completed two-week time period is available for reimbursement at the standard allowable amount for Ottawa ($105) and Toronto ($120).

More information regarding out-of-town rotation accommodations can be obtained through the Regional Education website or by contacting the Regional Education office directly.

Regional Education Office

Postgraduate Education Office

Links for Toronto Accommodations

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Regional Education Office (Sept 24, 2012)
Postgraduate Medical Education Office (Sept 28, 2012)


Updated: October 7, 2015