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Religious Holidays Policy

Queen's University Postgraduate Medical Education Religious Holidays Policy Statement

Postgraduate Programs should make every effort to accommodate religious holidays. As stipulated in the PARO/CAHO Agreement, prior to granting any vacation or leave, it must be ensured that patient care responsibilities are met. It must also be recognized that postgraduate trainees will have to support each other at times when many trainees could be away for a certain religious holiday.

It is the responsibility of the resident to request in writing a leave day(s) for religious holidays as far in advance as possible. As per the Agreement, this request must be made at least 4 weeks ahead of time.

In accordance with the PARO/CAHO Agreement, residents are entitled to 5 days of leave over the Christmas/New Year's Eve period. If a resident wishes to waive this leave in order to take a 5 day leave at the time of a religious holiday pertinent to their faith, this request should be accommodated whenever possible, again with the caveat that patient care responsibilities are being met.

Religious holidays if taken must be requested in lieu of other hospital designated holidays and cannot be in addition to those usually taken.