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Current Interest Groups

For questions related to interest groups, please contact the Student Initiatives and Research Officer at or Student Interest Group Coordinator at



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Academic Medicine Interest Group

Danny Jomaa (, Jennifer Payandeh (, Brian Laight (

Alexander Moszczynski (, Emma Neary (

To educate medical students about the roles that physicians have in medical research and academia, discuss ways to succeed in research, provide networking opportunities for students to meet potential clinician scientist mentors, and help students further develop the skills necessary to critically appraise scientific papers.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

Tyeren Deacon (, Minnie Fu (, Dan Nasir (

Marielle Balanaser (, Thomas Stambulic (, Adam Kulesza (

To educate medical students about the field of anesthesiology, and expose them to practicing anesthesiologists and residents.

Surgery Interest Group

Valera Castanov (, Sabreena Lawal (

Apoorva Bhandaria (, Kaitlyn Rourke (, Peter Gariscsak (

QSIG strives to provide educational opportunities regarding surgical specialties to pre-clerkship students

Women's Health Interest Group

Emily Richmond (, Anna Tyker (, Cara Van Der Merwe (


The purpose of WHIG is to expose Queen’s medical students to areas of women’s health and to opportunities for careers involving women’s health. WHIG will also provide students with an opportunity to practice technical skills that relate to medical practice in women’s health.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

Ioana Dobre (, Mehras Motamed (, Ruchit Patel (, Shaimaa Helal (


To expose students to the field of internal medicine and its subspecialties

Innovation in Medicine Interest Group

Zoe Hu (, Alec Hughes (, Kimberley Yuen (

Morgyn McKerlie (, Ricky Hu (, Amy Chen (


Pediatrics Interest Group

Vincent So (, Vanessa Giuliano (

Morgyn McKerlie (, Hannah Lee (, Nicole Hajjar (, Zahra Haq (


Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group

Daniel Goldshtein (, Vanessa Ha (

Brenna Han (, Alexa Fine (

LMIG aims to educate future clinicians, through engaging speakers, presentations and workshops, on the benefits of using lifestyle-based interventions (diets, exercise/physical activity, stress reduction strategies) as tools to prevent, manage, and treat chronic diseases.

Family Medicine Interest Group

Rohini Pasricha (, Dalton Budhram (, Tiffany Chih (, Ikunna Nwosu (, Michael Morra (, Daniyaal Mahmood (

Alanna Jane (, Brenna Han (, Pardis Balari (, Alexander Moszczynski (, Grace Yin (, Marie Belcourt (

FMIG aims to educate students about the various aspects of family medicine and its diversity in practice. We have a series of speaker events, technical skills workshops, resident teaching nights, and a mentorship program.

Medical Students For Choice

Eva Bruketa (, Clare McGrath (, Ayla Raabis (

Addie Burrows (

MSFC Queen’s promotes universal sexual and reproductive justice through hands-on workshops, lectures, debates and group attendance to conferences and training events. We also strive for curricular reform with the mandate of making family planning, abortion care and sexual diversity a fundamental aspect of medical education.

Diagnostic Imaging Interest Group

Maia Idzikowski (, Aquila Akingbade (


To educate students about the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

Paul Bullock (, Jeremy Seed (, Mel Novakovic (

Jennifer Ma (, Adam Kulesza (, Taylor Mouliakis (

WMIG aims to expose students to wilderness medicine by running events that highlight practicing medicine in low resource and wilderness settings.

Queen's Student Interest Group in Neurology

Mary Zhu (, Alec Hughes (, Carter McInnis (

Marcus Lo (, Meagan Wiederman (, Alex Moszczynski (

An interest group for Queen's medical students interested in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology, and/or any other neurologically-related topic.

Physical Rehabillitation and Medicine IG

Elisa Christinck (, Hamza Asif (



Queen's Geriatric Interest Group

Tiffany Chih (, Ruchit Patel (


QGIG aims to introduce geriatric medicine to medical students by providing speaker events, observerhip programs, and skill workshops.

Public Health & Preventive Medicine Interest Group

Chalani Ranasinghe (, Dalton Budhram (, Reid Vender (

Abby Christi (, Angie Salomon (, Brenna Han (, Stephanie Parent (, Valeria Rodriguez (

The PHPM interest group aims to increase awareness, understanding, and educational opportunities related to Public Health & Preventive Medicine for Queen's medical students.

Oncology Interest Group

Matthew Gynn (, Markus Kuskis (

Veeral Desai (, Gursharan Sohi (

The oncology interst group runs academic planning regarding the various discplines in oncology.

Dermatology Interest Group

Dawn Armstrong (

Shantel Demay (, Matthew Hynes (

DIG aims to educate medical students about the various aspects of dermatology and introduce students to introductory skills used commonly in the field.

Palliative Care Interest Group

Markus Kuskis (


The PCIG seeks to increase student exposure to palliative care.

Queen's Psychiatry Interest Group

Andrew Lee (

Charles Wicks (


Queen's Pathology Interest Group

Sean Leung (

Jessica Nguyen (

QPATH hopes to reveal the true nature of the relatively obscure and unknown field of pathology to medical students, while providing educational and interactive experiences.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Lewis Forward (, Shyan Van Heer (

Kassandra McFarlane (, Kaitlyn Rourke (

To provide medical students opportunities to explore emergency medicine through interactive workshops, informative seminars and exciting info-sessions.


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KHealth - Kingston's Community Health Initiative

Valera Castanov (, Minnie Fu (, Adam Gabara (


KHealth is the first student-led interprofessional community health initiative in Kingston, Ontario, where students from faculties of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and medicine work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Swimming with a Mission

Rohini Pasricha (, Anique Le Roux (


SWAM aims to provide one on one swimming lessons to children with special needs

Qmeals on Wheels

Shaun Lampen (, Gilmar Gutierrez (

Alison Ross (, Addie Burrows (

QMeals on Wheels works with the Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) to address food insecurity in the Kingston community

Jr. Medics

Jennifer Payandeh (, Connor Weyell (

Kaitlyn Rourke (, Amir Wachtel (

Jr. Medics provides an opportunity to teach First Aid and CPR to local elementary and high schools in the Kingston area! Students will be put into teams of 3-4 and schedule workshops with the schools they are assigned.

Altitude Mentorship

Minnie Fu ( and Markus Kuksis (

Meagan Wiederman ( and Thomas Stambulic (

Altitude Mentoring is the SLP name and our description is: Altitude is an Ontario-wide mentorship program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in health care. We primarily focus on mentoring individuals who are from backgrounds and regions underrepresented in health care. Sign-up to be a mentor with us by emailing:



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Women in Medicine

Ikunna Nwosu (, Shikha Patel (, Rubab Fatima (

Hannah Lee (, Megan Saad (, Kayley Xu (

Women in Medicine gives Queen's Medicine students a chance to explore career and lifestyle questions with physicians who identify as women from various specialties.

Environmental Advocacy in Medicine Interest Group

Chalani Ranasinghe (, Dalton Budhram (, Julia Robson (, Marika Moskalyk (

Alanna Jane (, Allie Donaldson (, Brenna Han (, Gillian Forster (, Sydney Flatt (, Naomi Gazendam (, Zahra Haq (

A group of medical students working to bridge medicine and advocacy on climate change and the environment.

Health Policy Interest Group

Mary Zhu (, Rae Ma (

Simran Sharma (, Alison Ross (

Increase awareness and promote dialogue regarding current issues in health policy


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QMed Dragon Boat Team

Anna Tyker (, Cara Van Der Merwe (


To enrich the quality of student life through a teamwork and leadership building sport.

Medicine and Literature Interest Group

Ayla Raabis (, Andrew Lee (

Christine Moon (

To provide medical students with opportunities to explore a variety of perspectives on aspects of clinical practice, professionalism, medical ethics, and experiences of illness through the humanities.


Elisa Christinck (

Mitchell Vendrov (, Grace Yin (


Christian Medical and Dentistry Association

Elisa Chrisitnck (, Rachel Trites (



Hippochromatic Notes

Liam Dowling (, Rachel Trites (

Jasmine Lam (


What Happened in Medicine

Adam Gabara (, Samiyah Khan (


Queen's Medicine's best acapella performance group

Muslim Medical Association of Queens

Rubab Fatima (, Shaimaa Helal (

Maaz Haq (


Surgical Skills and Technology Elective Program

Mary Zhu (, Shyan Van Heer (, Shaun Lampen (, Hamza Asif (, Carter McInnis (

Olivia Ginty (

A week-long, intensive, procedural skills-focused course that prepares second year medical students to enter Clerkship