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Current Interest Groups

For questions related to interest groups, please contact the Student Initiatives and Research Officer at or Student Interest Group Coordinator at


Group Senior Exec Contact Junior Exec Contact Description
Academic Medicine Interest Group Corey Forster (, Hannah Ramsay (, Jasmine Khan (  N/A To educate medical students about the roles that physicians have in medical research and academia, discuss ways to succeed in research, provide networking opportunities for students to meet potential clinician scientist mentors, and help students further develop the skills necessary to critically appraise scientific papers.
Anesthesiology Interest Group Mary Foley (, Rebecca Ng (, Sarah Liu ( Mansi Dave (, Sawmmiya Kirupaharan (, Cameron Wong (,), Jamie Zucker ( To educate medical students about the field of anesthesiology, and expose them to practicing anesthesiologists and residents.
Surgery Interest Group Del Fernandes (, Laryssa Kemp (, Vithusha Yogathasan ( Ann Kang (, Jamie Zucker (, Michele Zaman ( QSIG strives to provide educational opportunities regarding surgical specialties to pre-clerkship students
Women's Health Interest Group Mia Wu (, Meha Bhatt (, Katie Yeung ( Emily Clark (, Jamie Fujioka (, Rhea Jangra ( The purpose of WHIG is to expose Queen’s medical students to areas of women’s health and to opportunities for careers involving women’s health. WHIG will also provide students with an opportunity to practice technical skills that relate to medical practice in women’s health.
Internal Medicine Interest Group ( Jonah Moore (, Adriyan Hrycyshyn (, Peter Lee ( Geoff Kerr ( To expose students to the field of internal medicine and its subspecialties.
Innovation in Medicine Interest Group Andrew Lloyd-Kuzik (, Chloe DesRoche (, Dileas MacGowan ( Prashanth Rajasekar (, Jan Henning (, Mohammed Gemae (, Imran Syed (  
Pediatrics Interest Group ( Bryan Wong (, Ally Soule (, Natalie Urbach ( Nikita Pasricha (, Taylor Nelles-McGee ( To educate medical students about the field of pediatrics and its various subspecialties. 
Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group Mary Hoekstra (, Dileas MacGowan (, Maddie O'Connor ( James Paquin (, Sonu Varghese (, Saloni Aggarwal ( LMIG aims to educate future clinicians, through engaging speakers, presentations and workshops, on the benefits of using lifestyle-based interventions (diet, physical activity, stress reduction strategies) as tools to prevent, manage, and treat chronic diseases.
Family Medicine Interest Group Ivneet Garcha (, Sigi Maho (, Jenna Nensi (, Lora Stepanian (, Mahshid Hosseini (, Maddie O'Connor ( Daniel Dilliott (, Julia Kobylianski (, Cynthia Qi (, Melody Wyslobicky (, Dana (, Nikita Pasricha ( FMIG aims to educate students about the various aspects of family medicine and its diversity in practice. We have a series of speaker events, technical skills workshops, resident teaching nights, and a mentorship program.
Medical Students For Choice ( Mahshid Hosseini (, Del Fernandes ( Emily Clark (, Samriddhi Mishra (, Orli Chapman ( MSFC Queen’s promotes universal sexual and reproductive justice through hands-on workshops, lectures, debates and group attendance to conferences and training events. We also strive for curricular reform with the mandate of making family planning, abortion care and sexual diversity a fundamental
aspect of medical education.
Diagnostic Imaging Interest Group Chloe DesRoche (, Jean-Paul Salameh (, Jennifer Yu Christina Brinza (, Ethan Sacoransky ( To educate students about the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging.
Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Kyle Comishen (, Megan Misner ( Natalie Mezey (, Georgia Nelson (, Molly Steer ( WMIG aims to expose students to wilderness medicine by running events that highlight practicing medicine in low resourse and wilderness settings.
Queen's Student Interest Group in Neurology Jonah Moore (, Keeley Copeland ( Jonah Isen (, Joseph Nashed (, Griffin Pauli ( An interest group for Queen's medical students interested in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology, and/or any other neurologically-related topic.
Physical Rehabillitation and Medicine IG Kevin Chung (, Linda Archila ( Nikita Pasricha (  
Queen's Geriatric Interest Group ( Sloane Kowal (, Stephanie Cullen ( Gajan Sivakumaran (, Angela Luan ( QGIG aims to introduce geriatric medicine to medical students by providing speaker events, observerhip programs, and skill workshops.
Public Health & Preventive Medicine Interest Group Abby Christi (, Jamal Tarrabain (, Olivia Mendoza ( Emma Amaral ( The PHPM interest group aims to increase awareness, understanding, and educational opportunities related to Public Health & Preventive Medicine for Queen's medical students.
Oncology Interest Group Mario Orsini (, Sarah Liu ( Sonu Varghese (, Garret Conquer-van Heumen ( The oncology interst group runs academic planning regarding the various discplines in oncology.
Dermatology Interest Group Adrienn Goczi (, Katie Yeung ( Jasmine Nanji (, Michele Zaman ( DIG aims to educate medical students about the various aspects of dermatology and introduce students to introductory skills used commonly in the field.
Palliative Care Interest Group Sloane Kowal (, Ally Soule ( Josie Jakubowski (, Taylor Nelles-McGee (, Marina Ivanova ( The PCIG seeks to increase student exposure to palliative care.
Queen's Psychiatry Interest Group Rylie Essington (, Mateo Farfan (, Olivia Mendoza (, Aceel Hawa ( Sarah Schwartz (, Anna Tran ( The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness is important in many fields of medicine. QPIG aims to exposure medical students to psychiatry as a career option or to incorporate elements of psychiatry into their practice. 
Queen's Pathology Interest Group Jessica Nguyen (, Sean Leung (  Christina Brinza ( QPATH hopes to reveal the true nature of the relatively obscure and unknown field of pathology to medical students, while providing educational and interactive experiences.
Emergency Medicine Interest Group ( Gabriele Jagelaviciute (, Jamal Tarrabain ( Marina Ivanova (, Molly Steer (, Emma Wallace ( To provide medical students opportunities to explore emergency medicine through interactive workshops, informative seminars and exciting info-sessions.
Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery Interest Group Katrina Jaszkul (, Ethan Patterson ( AJ Ghasroddashti (, Michele Zaman ( PRSIG is an academic interest group that aims to create a community and host events that educate medical students on the breadth of the plastic and reconstruction surgery field and its integral value to patient quality of life
Urology Interest Group Bahar Entezari (, Eric Meng (, Basil Ahmad (, Isis Lunsky TBD UIG aims to provide early exposure to the field of urology and spark interest in students who would like to learn more about surgery and genitourinary health.
Medical Genetics Interest Group Jina Nanayakkara ( Christina Brinza ( The aim of GenMed is to educate students about various aspects of genetics in medicine through a series of events including physician talks for career exploration, interactive workshops to learn about genetic conditions, and educational sessions on genetic technologies.
OtoHNS Interest Group Keshi Kirubalingam (, Mario Orsini (, Anthony Lim( Janjulee Ellis ( To educate medical students about the field of OtoHNS, expose them to practicing OtoHNS surgeons & related allied health professionals, and provide practical opportunities to be involved in serving the Kingston community through screening programs.
Ophthalmology Interest Group  Sloane Kowal (, Katrina Jaszkul (, Danielle Solish (  Natalie Mezey (  OPIG is a group established to educate, inform, and fill in gaps in knowledge about ophthalmology. The group hopes to break down misconceptions, teach technical and factual knowledge, and discuss issues around matching and inequities in the field.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest group  Linda Archila (, Kevin Cheung (  Mohamed Gemae, (, Nikita Pasricha (  The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) interest group aims to share about the awesome field of PMR (aka Physiatry) through a breadth of talks and workshops with physiatrists and interdisciplinary rehabilitation team members. We also host Sports and Exercise Medicine related events!

Group Senior Exec Contact Junior Exec Contact Description
KHealth - Kingston's Community Health Initiative ( Kiera Liblik ( Emma Amaral (, Mansi Dave ( KHealth is the first student-led interprofessional community health initiative in Kingston, Ontario, where students from Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy work together to improve health and wellbeing of the local community. The group has 15 executive members and over 60 volunteers who focus on research, education, and health advocacy - through public outreach initiatives - to help vulnerable and equity-seeking populations in the Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington (KFL&A) area. In addition to educational and service-learning components, KHealth is operating the Groceries Initiative (grocery deliveries to those in need), Phone/Video Calls Initiative (to provide social comfort and prevent isolation) and hosts numerous fundraisers/awareness campaigns to help the community. There are many ways to get involved - as an executive member, member at large or a volunteer. To find out more, please visit
Swimming with a Mission Jenna Nensi ( TBD SWAM aims to provide one on one swimming lessons to children with special needs.
Qmeals on Wheels ( Jamal Tarrabain (, Juehua He ( Sawmmiya Kirupaharan (, Hayton Chui ( QMeals on Wheels works with the Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) to address food insecurity in the Kingston community.
Jr. Medics ( Michael Pierce (, Megan Misner ( Farzan Ansari (, Emma Dennison ( Jr. Medics provides an opportunity to teach First Aid and CPR to local elementary and high schools in the Kingston area! Students will be put into teams of 3-4 and schedule workshops with the schools they are assigned.
Altitude Mentorship Pardis Balari (, Ciara Morrison ( TBD Altitude Mentoring is the SLP name and our description is: Altitude is an Ontario-wide mentorship program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in health care. We primarily focus on mentoring individuals who are from backgrounds and regions underrepresented in health care. Sign-up to be a mentor with us by emailing:
Reads for Paeds ( Sigi Maho (, Hannah Ramsey (, Natalie Urbach (, Lora Stepanian (, Rebecca Ng ( Taylor Nelles-McGee, Imran Syed, Michele Zaman, Samriddhi Mishra, Simoon Moshi, Natalie Mezey, Celine Lecce, Sarah Schwartz, Tanya Narang, Haya Abuzuluf, Mohamed Gemae, Ansh Patel, Bahar Entezari, Milana Milijvojevic, Maria Fernanda Huicochea Munoz, Bryan Wong, Megan McGill Reads for Paeds is a service learning project group (SLP) committed to developing children’s books for pediatric patient populations as a means of demystifying and empowering the patient through their illness.
Concussion Education Safety Awareness Prevention ( Del Fernandes (, Bryn Hoffman ( Nikita Pasricha (, Garret Conquer-van Heumen (, Ann Kang (, Georgia Nelson ( An educational platform that strives to increase awareness about heat injuries.


Group Senior Exec Contact Junior Exec Contact Description
Women in Medicine Sarah Liu (, Ciara Morrison ( Ann Kang ( Women in Medicine gives Queen's Medicine students a chance to explore career and lifestyle questions with physicians who identify as women from various specialties.
Environmental Advocacy in Medicine Interest Group Maria-Fernanda Huicochea-Munoz (, Mia Wu (, Del Fernandes (, Jenna Rossi (, Cleo Davis-Chalmers (Cleo Griffin Pauli (, Ethan Sacoransky ( A group of medical students working to bridge medicine and advocacy on climate change and the environment.
What Happened in Medicine  Jenna Nensi (, Mateo Farfan ( Faraz Honarvar (, Amelia Boughn (  
OSLER Kingston ( Rachael Allen (, Jasmine Khan (, Sloane Kowal (, Claire Mockler (, Kendra Zhang (, Christy Wee (, Isis Lunsky ( Alyssa Burrows (, Cynthia Qi (, Dana Rajab (, Melody Wyslobicky (, Josh Ehrlich ( OSLER Kingston is a student collaboration with the Kingston Community Health Centre (KCHC) Weller Clinic to create interdisciplinary health outreach and education opportunities. Our vision is to improve community health, enhance the education of future healthcare professionals, and foster deeper, more responsive relationships between students at Queen's University and St. Lawrence College and the Kingston community.
Altitude Healthcare Mentoring ( Pardis Balari ( Ciara Morrison ( TBA Altitude is an Ontario-wide mentorship program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in health care. The program consists of one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, and facilitated workshops. Mentees would receive 1-2 hours/month scheduled on your own time of one-on-one meeting with a medical student mentor. There will also be optional monthly group activities on healthcare career exploration, resume writing, and study tips.
First Generation Students in Medicine

Jenna Nensi (, Jean-Peal Salameh (, Gabby Jagelaviciute (, Ciara Morrison (

TBA To provide Queen's School of Medicine students who are the first in their families to pursue post-secondary education (first generation) the opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals, advocate for institutional change, better facilitate the opportunity for these students to study medicine, and provide information about medical training and the profession.
Queen's Black Medical Student Association ( Aquila Akingbade (, Shakira Brathwaite TBA  
Health Policy Interest Group     Increase awareness and promote dialogue regarding current issues in health policy

Group Senior Exec Contact Junior Exec Contact Description
Medicine and Literature Interest Group Christine Moon ( TBA To provide medical students with opportunities to explore a variety of perspectives on aspects of clinical practice, professionalism, medical ethics, and experiences of illness through the humanities.
FrancoMed Jenna Rossi (, Peter Lee ( Jan Henning ( FrancoMed serves as an opportunity and a resource for medical students to develop their French language skills as well as apply those skills to clinical interactions. All skill levels welcome, from no previous French experience to Francophone! 
Christian Medical and Dentistry Association Jennifer Yu ( N/A CMDA is a biweekly bible study that provides students the opportunity to discuss how medicine and their beliefs interact. All are welcome. 
Hippochromatic Notes Isis Lunsky ( TBA Queen's medicine best acapella group!
Muslim Medical Association of Queens ( Suffia Malik (, Omar Elmoursi ( Hibo Rijal, Mohamed Gemae Muslim Medical Association of Queen’s (MMAQ) aims to provide opportunities for students, residents and physicians to explore the Islamic faith in the context of health and the field of medicine. The MMAQ also aims to provide a supportive platform for Muslim students at every stage of their medical career. 
QMed Professional Education Club ( Jean-Paul Salameh ( TBA To introduce medical students to the fundamental skills required to develop and manage a medical practice and to foster a greater understanding of the professional landscape.
Medical Variety Night ( Isis Lunsky (, Mary Foley ( Kirsten Allen (, Michele Zaman (  
Queen's Jewish Medical Students Association Natalie Urbach (, Danielle Solish (, Isis Lunksy (, Hannah Ramsay ( Ethan Sacoransky (,  Orli Chapman ( The Queen’s Jewish Medical Student Association (QJMSA) is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for medical students of all cultural backgrounds to celebrate Jewish culture, connect with others and learn about Jewish resources in the community
Art in Medicine ( Sigi Maho (, Lora Stepanian ( Kendra Zhang ( To provide artistic opportunities and environments for students to express their creativity and connect with others, and host the annual Chiaroscuro charity art auction.
Culinarians in Medicine Maria Fernanda Huicochea Munoz ( Sonu Varghese (, Ann Kang ( To provide an opportunity for students to refine their cooking skills, share tips and recipes, and explore new cultures through food. We endeavour to create a community of culinarians by uniting those who love to cook with those who are interested in building their repertoires and learning more. We hope to showcase local produce and regional plates to expose members to the smorgasbord of cuisines present in Kingston. With a focus on fresh produce, we also endeavour to encourage student well-being through healthy eating.
Queen's Medical Review ( Ivneet Garcha (, Gabriele Jagelaviciute ( N/A The Queen's Medical Review (QMR) is a tri-annual publication that amplifies QMed voices and features content highlighting the intersection of the humanities and medicine.
Media and Medicine  Simoon Moshi (, Adele Kim (, Josie Jakubowski (    
Surgical Skills and Technology Elective Program  Chloe DesRoche (, Sloane Kowal (, Katrina Jaszkul (, Del Fernandes (   An intensive, procedural & surgical skills-focused "boot camp" that enhances the technical foundations of second year medical students in preparation for entering clerkship