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AS Council 2022-2023

Members of the Aesculapian Society (AS) Council for the 2022-2023 academic year are shown below. Click on a member's picture for their contact information and what to contact them for.


  Kimberly Mitchell
Student Representative to the Admissions Committee, Junior
  Mansi Dave
Social Affairs Officer (2)
  Mo Gemae
AS President
  Owen Kolasky
Student Representative to the Admissions Committee, Senior
  Bryan Wong
Past President
  Toni Li
Class Co-President (Fourth Year)
  Bryan Wong
Class Co-President (Third Year)
  Molly Cowls
Class Co-President (Third Year)
  Annie Kang
Vice President-Finance
  Imran Syed
Speaker/Chief Electoral Officer
  Farzan Ansari
Vice President-Internal Affairs
  Kabir Walia
Vice President-Academic Affairs
  Amelia Boughn
Vice President-External Affairs, Senior
  Danny Ke
Student Initiatives and Research Officer
  Samriddhi Mishra
Equity Officer, Senior
  Ashwin Rao
Athletics Officer (1)
  Jamie Zucker
Social Affairs Officer
  Emma Dennison
Wellness Officer
  Candice Martin
Global Health Liaison, Senior
  Kobi Pollard
University Affairs Officer, Senior
  Sabra Salim
Class President (Second Year)
  Nikita Pasricha
Athletics Officer (2)
  Ranmeet Dulai
  Pallavi Dutta
Vice-President External Affairs, Junior
  TBD []
Academic Coordinator
  David Vaz
Communications Officer
  Shangari Vijenthira
University Affairs Officer, Junior
  Jose Navarro
Global Health Liaison, Junior
  Michael Cole
Class President (First Year)
  David Vaz
Student Interest Group Coordinator
  Jess Caterini
Class Co-President (Fourth Year)