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Opportunties for Residents

Periodically, the Postgraduate Medical Education Office is sent details of provincial and national healthcare opportunities. The details will be posted on this section of our website and you're encouraged to keep checking this page for new opportunities.

Tecumseh, ON
Posted April 27, 2018

Valor Health is seeking new practitioners to provide family practice and walk-in clinic/urgent care and specialty services. We have several unique opportunities that would appeal to physicians looking for an income/quality of life incentive, a change of pace, retiring doctors looking to augment their income, ER doctors looking for extra shifts, and generally any physician looking to join us in an exciting new endeavor. Our goal is to create a multidisciplinary practice, thereby creating a collegial atmosphere in a collaborative health care effort to deliver exceptional, personalized medical care that fills the gaps in current health care services to provide better outcomes.


We have the ability to design a practice to suit their preferences in terms of location, space, equipment, office operations, hiring and training staff, marketing, billing, etc. so that they are able to focus on patient care and life outside practice. Payment structure, compensation and family practice model, and packages can be discussed and customized according to physician preference. No set-up or office overhead expenses. Flexible hours, part-time and full-time options can be discussed.


We would also like to discuss potential opportunities for residencies and studentships.

This is an attractive opportunity due to the degree of personalization available, the demographics of the area, and the prospect of joining us in commencing in this endeavor. Thank you for your consideration. Please direct any inquiries to Johnny.



Phone: 519.727.4114 / 226.347.4939