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Mentorship Program

The Queen’s Mentorship Program is meant to provide guidance, both personally and professionally, to help prepare students in becoming excellent physicians and healthcare leaders. Our program places emphasis on a student-driven mentoring where onus is placed on successive generations of students, those most recently and intimately involved in the ever evolving medical education process, to create a supportive environment where advice and experiences can be shared.

All Undergraduate Medical Education students are assigned to a Mentorship group with the expectation that they will enhance their learning experience at Queen’s Medicine by participating in planned group activities, interacting with their peers and observing the career and lifestyle of their mentor(s). The groups are assigned randomly and are not based on a specific specialty.  They are designed to stay consistent from year to year, to establish a continuum so that a student has the same mentor throughout their four years of medical school.

The program is administered by the Undergraduate Medical Education office’s Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Renee Fitzpatrick, Learner Wellness Assistants, and the Aesculapian Society Vice-President of Internal Affairs. 

We encourage Queen's Med students to engage in group activities and learn more about what it means to be a medical professional in the Kingston Medical Community.