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Admission to Residency Programs

All graduates of Canadian and U.S. accredited medical schools who have not had any previous postgraduate medical education should apply for Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) positions through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

CaRMS is an electronic application service and computer match for entry into postgraduate residency training programs at each of Canada's 17 medical schools. Matches are made in two rounds, or iterations. The first iteration is restricted to graduates of Canadian, US, and international medical schools who meet the eligibility criteria, while the second iteration is open to applicants who were not matched in the first iteration, or to applicants with previous North American residency training.

Ontario is pleased to welcome applications from International Medical Graduates to postgraduate residency programs in the province and more than 200 spaces are available at the six medical schools in Ontario

IMGs Residing in Ontario
Ontario is pleased to welcome applications from International Medical Graduates to postgraduate residency programs in the province.  More than 200 spaces are available at the six medical schools in Ontario and there are two routes of entry.

Entry-Level Residency Positions
IMGs apply directly for entry-level post graduate training positions, dedicated for IMGs, through the matching service administered by the Canadian Residency Matching Services (CaRMS). All IMGs who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and meet the CaRMS application criteria can apply.

IMGs Residing outside of Ontario
Postgraduate training is available to international medical graduates who are citizens of countries outside of North America, who have satisfactorily met the licensing and Visa requirements for postgraduate training in Ontario, and who can provide official documentation that their postgraduate training will be completely funded through a government agency or charitable organization. Private or personal funds are not acceptable nor permissible. Applicants must provide and sign a "letter of intent" indicating that they will be returning to their home country following completion of training at Queen's University.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have satisfactorily passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination and, if applicable, the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
Candidates must also meet all the entry requirements of the Department to which they are applying.
Applications should be sent to our office through the agency providing the funding. The funding agency should be prepared to fund the Resident's salary and benefits at the rate stated in the current PARO/CAHO Agreement. There will also be an annual tuition fee applied to the appointment.

Queen's University has special Contract Agreements with:

Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital
PO Box 24141
Building 960
Road 7321 Block 373
Abu Gazalah, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:+973 1726 1414
Fax:+973 1725 2110

Embassy of the State of Kuwait Cultural Division
3500 International Drive
Washington, DC 20008
Tel. 202-364-2164
Fax 202-363-8394

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
2101 Thurston Drive
Ottawa, ON   Canada

K1G 6C9

Tel: 613-238-5555

Toll Free: 1-877-446-8212

Fax: 613-563-9010

Aramco Services Company
9009 West Loop South
Houston, Texas
Tel:   713-432-4728
Fax:  713-432-5409

Oman Medical Specialty Board
College of Medicine, Sultan Qaboos University
P.O. Box 35,
Al-Khod MUSCAT 123m
Sultanate of Oman
Tel. 515102/515151
Fax: 513419

Istanbul Medical Centre
1281 Jala Street
Gaza, Gaza Strip
Palestinian Authority
Contact:  Naser Sadi, MD, PhD
Tel:  (0) 972 5047699
Fax: (0) 972 5047000

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates - Cultural Division
125 Boteler Street,
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1N 0A4
Tel: (613) 565-7272 ext: 223
Fax: (613) 860 1235

Ontario licensing requirements may be obtained by writing to:
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
80 College Street
Toronto ON M5G 2E2
Tel. (416)961-1711
Toll Free 1-800-268-7096
Fax (416) 961-3330[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

Canadian Repatriation Program (Ministry of Health)

Canadian Physician Re-Entry Program (Ministry of Health)

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