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Important Dates for Residents

Each year the Postgraduate Medical Education Office puts together many educational events for all levels of residency. Over the past number of years we've tried to keep the dates for each event to the same time of year while making sure not to schedule them on the same day of the week (e.g., not every Wednesday) or in conflict with the multifaith calendar. Your suggestions and feedback have been, and will continue to be, important to help us schedule these events as conveniently as possible for all. Please see below the tentative dates for the 2017-18 PGME Academic Events (please disregard any previous listings). Please be reminded that these dates are always a work in progress and are subject to change, so we encourage you to check back regularly for changes and updates.

Event  Who Should Attend 2018 2019
Spring OSCE Residents who are registered to sit the spring MCCQE II
Attendance is mandatory
Wednesday, March 21
Medical School Building CTC
Wednesday, March 6
Medical School Building CTC
Essentials of Teaching:
Residents interested in enhancing their teaching skills Thursday, February 15
University Club
May 1
PARO Resident Awareness Day   February 2018 February 2019
Chief and Senior Workshop All RCPSC and CFPC Chief and Senior Residents
Attendance is mandatory

Thursday, March 22
Lower Ban Righ Hall

Thursday, March 21
Location TBC

Saturday, April 28 - Thursday, May 1   
Halifax, NS

Dates TBA
Niagara Falls, ON

PARO Resident Wellness Half Day All residents
QCARE All PGY1 Residents
Attendance is mandatory

Monday, May 14
Biosciences Complex

Tuesday, May 15
Four Points Sheraton

Monday, May 13
Location TBA

Tuesday, May 14
Location TBA

Postgraduate Convocation All residents completing their program
Attendance is not mandatory

Monday, June 18
Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Monday, June 17
Location TBC
Orientation All new residents Friday, June 29 Tuesday, July 2
Fall OSCE Residents who are registered to sit the fall
Attendance is mandatory
Wednesday, September 12
Medical School Building CTC

Wednesday September 11

Medical School Building CTC


October 18-20
Halifax, NS

October 17-18
(Track for Program Assistants)

September 26-28
Ottawa, ON

Sept 25-26
(Track for Program Assistants)

Resident Research Day All PGY1 Residents
Attendance is strongly encouraged
Tuesday, November 6
Lower Ban Righ Hall

Tuesday, November 5
Location TBC

Essentials of Teaching:
Residents interested in enhancing their teaching skills Wednesday, November 14 TBA
All Residents in their final years of residency.
Attendance is mandatory in one of your final two years.

Monday, November 26       
Lower Ban Righ Hall

Friday, February 22
Location TBC