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Call Stipend and Taxi Reimbursement Information


  • It is the responsibility of each Resident to complete a Call Stipend Form each month if he/she had any eligible scheduled call shifts in the month.
  • The Resident may claim for Call Stipend if any of the following conditions apply:
      • In-Hospital Call – Scheduled for and worked in the hospital on call
      • Home Call – Scheduled for and did take Home-call
      • Home Conversion – Scheduled for Home-call but worked more than four consecutive hours in the Hospital AND at least one of the four hours was after midnight and before 06:00.
      • Qualifying Shift – Scheduled for and worked a shift within the Hospital where at least one full hour of the shift occurred between midnight and 06:00. (Note; Qualifying shifts cannot be claimed for days that are claimed for a home-call or an in-hospital call.)
  • It is the responsibility of the Chief Resident or designate to verify that the submitted Call Stipend Form is accurate and approved for payment.
  • Call Stipend Forms are also available from:
    • KHSC People Services Intranet
    • KHSC Medical Affairs
  • The Call Stipend Form will be electronically completed and forwarded to the appropriate Chief Resident by e-mail.
  • Note: It is important that when the form is completed it is saved in a standardized format = Resident’s KHSC Employee ID number followed by Block Year e.g. Dr. Sarah Johnson, Employee # 200155 completing a Call Stipend form for Block #1 2020/2021 would be saved as “200155B12021”. For Residents doing trauma service as well as their normal call, please use the standardized format with a “-trauma” on the end ie: 200155B12021-trauma.xls
  • Once reviewed, the Chief Resident or designate will forward the Call Stipend form by e-mail to KHSC Payroll using the new email address:
  • Forwarding of the Call Stipend Form by e-mail to Payroll by the Chief Resident constitutes authorization that the information is reasonable and payment is authorized.
  • The Chief Resident will determine eligibility for Home Call shifts to be changed to In-Hospital and to ensure scheduling of Calls complies with collective agreement provisions (e.g. maximum On Calls in a period relative to scheduled shifts in quarter etc.) It is recognized that the Chief Resident or designate’s authorization is based on a reasonableness review and that the onus is on the Residents to submit an accurate accounting of their Calls.
  • The first payment date of the Call Stipends for each rotation block will be processed per the annual schedule – this schedule is included in the Call Stipend reporting form and on the PGME website.  The Call Stipend Form must be submitted to the Chief Resident or designate, authorized by the Chief Resident or designate and forwarded to Payroll by no later than the Friday before pay day.
  • Don't miss the deadline.  Call stipend claims must be submitted to the person(s) designated by the hospitals to receive such claims within 30 days following the end of the month in which the call was worked.
  • Pool C Residents will follow the same process except the authorized Call Stipend Form will be forwarded to the School of Medicine, by Human Resources, so that the appropriate billing payment can be arranged.
  • From time to time an audit will be conducted of submitted Call Stipend Forms based on Departmental Schedules to verify reasonableness of the stipends paid.



Residents may obtain reimbursement from KHSC for any qualifying taxi expenditure for call-back travel to KHSC. This blank form is designed to be printed and completed manually.

This form should be competed with all taxi receipts attached and submitted for authorization to the Chief/Senior resident responsible for that period's call schedule.

The authorized form and receipts will be returned to the resident who will then obtain cash reimbursement from the KHSC Cashier @ Kidd/Davies main entrance.