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Graduate Studies during Residency

The Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University offers a wide range of professional and graduate programs.  Many of these may be of interest to residents who are looking to supplement their postgraduate medical education training with further studies in a specialized field.  Admission requirements vary so be sure to check with each program directly.

The Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) provides one route to graduate studies. Residents apply during residency and are provided with time to complete the two-year master’s program with thesis program before continuing on their residency program.  It is open to both RCPSC and CFPC residents.

Residents may choose to enter a graduate program upon completion of their residency training, or they may apply for part-time residency and combine this with a part-time graduate program.  Residents should contact the PGME Office at for further information.

Below is a selection of graduate programs which may be of interest to residents.  A complete list, including program descriptions, prerequisites, and other information is available at:

Aging and Health
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences - Anatomical Sciences
Cancer Research
Combined Medicine & Research
Health Quality
Health Professions Education
Medical Sciences