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CanMEDS Modules

The CanMEDS Roles are a group of  characteristics that the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada have adopted for residents.  These Roles have a set of competencies identified for each one.  All of  the Roles are common to the speciality programs and family medicine with the exception of the Medical Expert.  This Role has been modified by the College of Family Physicians to reflect the unique aspects of a family doctor.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office at Queen's University stresses the importance of the CanMEDS Roles to our residents. A series of online modules are being developed which explain each Role and provide resources to better understand the specific Role.  We hope that these modules help you achieve your goals during your training as a physician.

CanMEDS Modules:

Please note the modules are currently being revised and are unavailable at this time.  New links will be provided shortly.


  • The modules are interactive with games and questions. 
  • Answers to these activities can be saved in a PORTFOLIO.
  • You must log in with a unique email address each time you access any of the modules.  
  • Your answers to questions and time spent on the modules will be recorded each time you log in to the modules. 
  • The portfolio must be saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Program directors may ask you to send the saved PDF to them.

Technical Requirements

  • To access the games and video content, you will need QUICKTIME MEDIA PLAYER.

We are very interested in your feedback.  If there are any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please contact the primary authors of the modules:  Dr. Mala Joneja, Dr. Shayna Watson, and Dr. Rupa Patel.