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Photo of physician and patient

For graduates of medical school, the ultimate goal is to become an independently licensed physician who can practice medicine in a wide variety of clinical settings. In order to earn such an independent license, students must first complete a postgraduate medical education residency program.

During residency, some learners will develop a special interest in research and wish to combine this with their clinical training. This can be done through a clinician investigator program, an intensive, research-based program involving a minimum two years of structured, rigorous research training in addition to the existing specialty program requirements. This program prepares learners for careers as clinician scientists who will become not only researchers, but clinicians, supervisors, mentors, teachers, and academics in general.

Both programs in Medical Sciences have been designed to foster the development of students’ professional identities and achieve their future career objectives as clinician scientists and medical science professionals. These programs are unique in Canada and will help address the growing demand for health care professionals who require advanced knowledge regarding both research and clinical skills.