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Dr. Laura Marcotte MD, FRCPC
Dr. Laura Marcotte
Accreditation Faculty Lead and Internal Review Subcommittee (IRSC) Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
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The Accreditation Faculty Leads are responsible for coordinating and implementing the work of the Internal Review Subcommittee. This integral subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee is responsible for ensuring that a robust continuous quality improvement process is in place to meet CanERA accreditation standards.

Dr. Marcotte completed her medical training at Queen’s University, and worked as a community general internist before joining the Division of General Internal Medicine at Queen’s in 2012.  She has held the previous roles of Director of the Internal Medicine Clinical Teaching Units (CTUs), Program Director of the postgraduate subspecialty training program in General Internal Medicine, and GIM CBME/CBD Lead, and is currently Deputy Chair of the Division of General Internal Medicine.

Her current passion is for all things Accreditation – locally at Queen’s, as well as in national and international Accreditation work with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Her clinical work is mainly carried out on the inpatient units and the GIM consult service at Kingston Health Sciences Centre.