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Clinical Simulation Centre

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We're looking for partners who are developing virtual reality and artificial intelligence and want to bring their emerging technology to a larger audience.

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Undergraduate, Postgraduate Medicine learning modules.

Research studentships and accomplished presentations.

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With the rapid development of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and advanced haptics, simulation is about to take a tremendous leap forward. The Clinical Simulation Centre at the Queen’s University evaluates emerging technologies and leverages their potential to advance the use of simulation. The goal – more effective, more efficient learning.

The Clinical Simulation Centre is making it happen today.

"What is the Future of Medical Education?"

Exploring the potential of emerging technologies will provide limitless opportunities in medical training. Join us in creating the medical curriculum of the future.

Simulation scenarios offer learners a chance to practice procedures in a low-risk setting, to the point where they become masters before ever performing on a patient

Dr. Daniel Howes, Director of the Clinical Simulation Centre

Learn More about our Current Simulation Training

In-Situ Training

Our in-situ training occurs in acute and critical care setting within the hospital to augment the reality of the simulation training

3-D Simulation

3-D Simulation Techniques including Point of Care Ultrasound, Laparosocopic and endoscopic surgicial technology.

Hi-fidelity manikins

Including neonatal, junior, and adult manikins inclusive of birthing models.

Current Simulation Training

Learn about our current simulation training and the leading-edge technology that helps our programs develop foundational skills in medical training.

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