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Dr. Melissa Andrew MD, MEd, FRCPC
Dr. Melissa Andrew
Director, Resident Wellness
Accreditation Faculty Lead and Internal Review Subcommittee (IRSC) Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
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The Director of Resident Wellness provides assistance to residents who encounter personal and academic difficulties. Dr. Andrew provides confidential discussion and guidance regarding a broad array of topics according to resident need, including accommodations, learner mistreatment, transfer considerations, leaves of absence, appeals, and other PGME policies. 

For more information about resident wellness, including information on how to book an appointment with Dr. Andrew or the School of Medicine's dedicated counsellor, Anna Paolucci, please click here.

As an Accreditation Faculty Lead, Dr. Andrew is also responsible for coordinating and implementing the work of the Internal Review Subcommittee. This integral subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee is responsible for ensuring that a robust continuous quality improvement process is in place to meet CanERA accreditation standards.