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Methods of Selection

University Student


The following components are used in the listed order to select those applicants offered a position in our program.


Each year the Admissions Committee establishes the minimum acceptable GPA score, MCAT score and Casper score for the admissions cycle. At Queen’s, we review the cumulative GPA.

If the applicant meets the minimum established score set for the admissions cycle with a complete application then they progress to Step 2. If they are below the minimum, they do not progress in the process.

Autobiographical sketch and Confidential Assessment Forms review.

Autobiographical Sketches

The Admissions Committee reviews of the submitted sketch components; Employment, Extra-Curricular Activities, Volunteer Activities, Awards and Accomplishments, Research. Submissions are assessed based on the quality of the listed items and the characteristics they represent (not the number of items listed).

Confidential Assessment Forms/References

Applicants are expected to choose appropriate referees to complete the Confidential Assessment Forms and write letters of reference. Referees should have extensive personal knowledge of the applicant and be in a position to reasonably make statements concerning the applicant's character, personal qualities and academic capabilities. It is recognized that referees may not be in a position to evaluate all of the characteristics requested; however, applicants should ensure that, in choosing their three referees, the subject areas are covered. At least one referee should be a non-academic/character referee.

Interviews - Multiple mini-interview and panel interview

Based on GPA, MCAT, CASPer, Sketch and Reference Letter scores, a rank order list is generated and based on the rank order list a select number of applicants are invited for an interview. If an applicant chooses to withdraw or decline their interview or does not respond to the interview invitation, we will offer the interview spot to the next person on the rank order list.

The Queen’s School of Medicine uses a combined MMI and panel interview in the assessment of qualifying candidates. The goal of using the MMI is to more effectively assess non-cognitive qualities of an applicant, which could include empathy, critical thinking, ethical decision making and communication skills. Selected candidates will be invited to the MMI portion. From the applicants that complete the MMI component, a select number of these candidates will then be invited for a panel interview.

Please note: For 2022-2023 admissions cycle, all interviews will be conducted virtually.

Please see the Interview section under the How to Apply page for tentative interview dates.

Final Decision

Successful applicants are reviewed and ranked by the Admissions Committee and offers are made based on a ranked list. Offers will be made after the first round on a rolling basis until the class has been filled. Once the class is complete all waitlisted applicants will be notified via email that offers are no longer being made.