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MD/PhD & MD/Master's Program

MD/PhD & MD/Master’s Program

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The combined MD/PhD and MD/ Master’s Program provides benefits to both scholarship and to the professional development of physician-scientists by allowing better integration of clinical and research training experiences, and also provide better opportunities for fostering translational research.

Our programs are in keeping with the strategic directions of both the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Plan and Government of Canada's Science and Technology Strategy, which emphasize the need for providing increased trans-sectorial and multidisciplinary training, building research excellence, translating knowledge into practical applications, and deepening the pool of highly skilled individuals. Students in combined MD/graduate programs bring a distinctive, clinical/translational perspective into their laboratories, and conversely, these students also bring a basic science perspective to share with their fellow medical students. This is especially relevant in the context of the greater emphasis now being placed on team-based learning approaches as an important component of the Queen’s medical curriculum.

Students admitted into a combined program will have the opportunity to combine research training with Queen’s medical education.  For the graduate degree component, the combined programs draw on the pool of over 180 Graduate faculty members of the participating graduate programs for supervision of thesis projects; for the MD program, our state-of-the-art School of Medicine Building, one of the premier teaching facilities in North America, allows for the integration of modern teaching methods, technology, and interdisciplinary practices to provide a truly exceptional medical training experience.

This program is located at our Kingston campus.


3 seats available 

The program prioritizes candidates with qualities that show their commitment medicine and research

Customized curriculum

To ensure that future physicians develop the competencies and skills that are most needed in communities while also building research excellence. 

Integrated, hands-on learning

Allowing students to make a real difference in the lives of people and communities as well as bringing a distinctive, clinical/translational perspective into their laboratories.

Comprehensive, medicine focus

To prepare learners by providing increased trans-sectorial and multidisciplinary training.