Self-Assessment Questions

IDevice Question Icon Question 1
Which of the following are indications for Anoscopy?
A. Initial evaluation of rectal bleeding
B. Peri-anal pain
C. Change in bowel habit
D. Evaluation of anal discharge
E. All of the above

Question 2

The DRE is only performed prior to anoscopy in extenuating circumstances.

True False
IDevice Question Icon Queston 3
Which of the following is NOT a contraindication to Anoscopy?
A. Anal fissures
B. Fecal incontinence
C. Imperforate anus
D. Unwilling patient

IDevice Question Icon Question 4
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A. A clear plastic anoscope may provide better visualization of the mucosa than the opaque devices
B. Anoscopes consist of a tapered cylinder and a solid obturator that fits inside
C. The anoscope should always be inserted without the obturator in the cylinder. The obturator is then placed in the cylinder to better visualize the mucosa
D. The patient should be positioned in the left lateral decubitus position for both the DRE and the Anoscopy procedures