The following is a list of the equipment required to perform both the DRE and Anoscopy:

  • Gloves (3)
  • Anoscope (one of 2 models)
  • Light source (flashlight, headlight, or gooseneck lamp if anoscope is not equipped with a light source)
  • Lubricant
  • Topical anesthetic if local discomfort is anticipated (lidocaine 2% jelly)
  • Large tipped cotton swabs (these may be too large if using the small anoscope)
  • Biospy forceps (if biopsy to be performed)

Anoscope- the anoscope (pictured below) consists of 2 parts: a hollow tapered cylinder and an obturator that fits inside. The anoscope may be made of metal (re-usable once sterilized), clear or white opaque plastic (single use, disposable). Clear plastic anoscopes may allow better visualization of mucosal tissues compared to opaque devices. The length of the anoscope ranges from 7 to 10 cm, and the tapered external diameter is approximately 1.9cm. Some anoscopes can be attached to a battery light source while others require an external source (gooseneck lamp, headlight).

Another variety of anoscope is the slotted anoscope. This type is made of metal but has an open slot running the length of the device. This type is generally only used by surgeons to band hemorrhoids.

You should be familiar with the equipment available at your institution prior to attempting to perform the procedure.


A                                        B                                  C 
A- anoscope with obturator inserted, B- obturator, C-outer cylinder of anoscope