One of Queen’s own surgical specialists, Dr. Paul Belliveau was awarded the The John Provan Outstanding Canadian Surgical Educator Award, which is given to recognize outstanding contributions to undergraduate surgical education in Canada.


Dr. Belliveau learned of the distinction at the November 14-16, 2013 CUSEC Symposium held in Ottawa, Ontario.  The award  is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Surgical Chairpersons and was first presented in 1993. The award is a First Nations sculpture, which is presented to, and will remain in the custody of, the award winner for a period of two years. Each award recipient will have her/his name permanently affixed to the award. A smaller version of the same sculpture will remain with the award recipient.

Dr. Belliveau is a dedicated surgeon who is also dedicated to his students and to improving the curriculum in undergraduate medical education.  He has served for many years as a member of the UG Curriculum Committee, and as a Course Director in year two of medical school, where he began the implementation of small group learning as a teaching/learning method.  Dr. Belliveau has also served as a Course Director in Clerkship, as well as a frequent and well-regarded teacher of surgery. He has served as Chair, Undergraduate Surgical Education Committee, a member of the UG Admissions Committee, and a founding member of the UG Evaluation and Assessment Committee.   Currently, Dr. Belliveau serves as Chair of the Awards Committee for student awards in undergraduate medical education.
Congratulations to Dr. Belliveau on receiving this recognition!