As of September 2013, the UGME Curriculum Committee is operating under new Terms of Reference, and, as a result, we are looking for new members.

Specifically, we have 5 “nominated” positions;  the Curriculum Committee’s decision was to seek nominations from the faculty at large for these positions, in addition to asking curricular leaders and curriculum committee members for nominations.  For more on these positions, see below.  To nominate, send to the Acting Chair, Dr. Michelle Gibson at

These positions are:

  • Scientific Foundations Course Director (from our basic sciences courses)
  • Clinical Foundations Course Director (from our pre-clerkship clinical courses)
  • Clerkship Course Director (from any of the clerkship courses)
  • Competency Lead (From the Professional Foundations committee)
  • Discipline Lead (A discipline lead from any discipline)
  • Humanities Lead – Dr. Cheryl Cline has accepted this position.

The Curriculum Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m, from September to June, with monthly meetings in July and August.

The rest of the committee members are present as a direct result of a specific role they play in the curriculum.  There are vacancies here too, as the new terms of reference specify that no one person can represent two positions on the curriculum committee.  We are working to fill these vacancies. Currently, the membership includes:

  • Director, Curriculum – Vacant
  • Associate Dean, UME – Dr. Tony Sanfilippo*
  • Year 1 Director and Acting Chair – Dr. Michelle Gibson*
  • Year 2 Director – Dr. Lindsay Davidson*
  • Clinical Clerkship Director – Dr. Andrea Winthrop*
  • Clerkship Curricular Courses Director – Dr. Susan Moffatt
  • Clinical Skills Director – Dr. Cherie Hiscock-Jones
  • Chair, PF Committee – Vacant
  • Director, Student Assessment – Dr. Michelle Gibson*
  • Director, TLIC – Dr. Tony Sanfilippo*
  • Director, CFRC – Dr. Andrea Winthrop*
  • Manager, Educational Development and Faculty Support – Ms. Sheila Pinchin
  • Aesculapian Society representative – Elizabeth Clement (Meds 2016)

*Currently, in this transition period, all these individuals are representing two roles, and they are in the midst of seeking delegates for one of their roles.

Nominations will be accepted until October 29, 2013.  The process after that date is to discuss nominations with the individuals concerned.  MD-PEC will be appointing the nominated members in November.

Questions can be directed to the Acting Chair, Dr. Michelle Gibson at