One of the special benefits of working in a university environment is the sense of renewal that comes each fall with the entry of new students.  This week we welcome members of Meds 2017, the 159th class to enter the study of Medicine at Queen’s since the school opened its doors in 1854.

meds 2017

A few facts about our new colleagues:

They were selected from the largest applicant pool in recent memory – 3818 highly qualified students submitted applications last spring.

Their average age is 23 with a range of 20 to 36 years.  Fifty-seven percent of the class are women.

They hail from no fewer than 49 communities across Canada, including Abbotsford, Ajax, Ancaster, Ariss, Barrie, Bedford, Brampton. Brockville, Burlington (3 students), Calgary (2), Coquitlam, Delta, Edmonton, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Inverary, Kamloops, Kingston (5), Kitchener, London (4), Maple, Markham (9), Mississauga (6), Montreal, North York (2), Ottawa (4), Owen Sound, Palgrave, Peterborough (2), Pickering, Puslinch, Richmond Hill (2), Scarborough, Stittsville, Thornhill (2), Tillsonburg, Toronto (19), Upper Island Cove, Shrewsbury, Vancouver (2), Vaughan, Waterloo, West Vancouver, Whitby (3), Windsor, Winnipeg, Woodbridge (2) and Yarmouth.

Ninety of our new students have completed an Undergraduate degree, and 27 have postgraduate degrees, including 4 PhDs.  The average grade point average achieved by these students in their pre-medical studies was 3.82.  Their undergraduate universities and degree programs are listed in the tables below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.08.35 AM

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.09.14 AM

Postgraduate Degree Programs

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.09.27 AM

An eclectic and academically very qualified group, to be sure.  This week they will undertake a variety of orientation activities organized by both faculty and their upper year colleagues.  At their welcoming session they were called upon to demonstrate commitment to their studies, their profession and their patients.  They were assured that they will have a voice within our school and be treated with the same respect they are expected to provide each other, their faculty and all patients and volunteers they encounter through their medical school careers.  I invite you to join me in welcoming these new members of our school and medical community.