The Curricular Leaders’ Retreat occurred on Monday, June 3, 2013 at the Medical Building. The agenda included hearing a “report card” or “state of the union” report from Dr. Tony Sanfilippo on the UGME program. As well, participants worked to give feedback to the Educational Team and the UGME Curriculum Committee on the role of a Course Director, and topics for new faculty and new course director workshops.

Dr. John Drover gave an update on Accreditation.

There were a series of mini-workshops to give participants a taste of new ideas. These ideas ranged from a great new “polling” system to use with students to SGL activities and reading guides, from Graded Team Assignments to an activity to assist residents in giving feedback to junior staff/clerks and a draft rubric from the Pediatric clerkship course.

Dr. Sue Chamberlain gave a workshop on Key Features to introduce the topic and let faculty know what our students face in the Licensing Exam from the Medical Council of Canada.

All of these workshops can be repeated in greater depth in the next academic year for all.

All of the presentations’ and workshops’ slides and handouts have been uploaded to the Faculty Resources Community in MEdTech.

Please visit the Retreat section of the Faculty Resources Community to see the results of the retreat.