Faculty and staff interested in attending Curriculum Committee meetings should contact the Committee Secretary, Candace Miller (umecc@queensu.ca), for information relating to agenda items and meeting schedules.

A meeting of the Curriculum Committee was held on May 24, 2017.  To review the topics discussed at this meeting, please click HERE to view the agenda.

The Curriculum Committee held its Annual Curricular Review Retreat on June 22, 2017. To review the topics discussed at this Retreat, please click HERE to view the agenda.

Faculty interested in reviewing the minutes of the May meeting and Annual Curricular Review Retreat can click HERE to be taken to the Curriculum Committee’s page located on the Faculty Resources Community of MEdTech Central.

Those who are directly impacted by any decisions made by the Curriculum Committee have been notified via email.

Students interested in the outcome of a decision or discussion are welcome to contact the Aesculapian Society’s Vice President, Academic, Kate Rath-Wilson at vpacademic@qmed.ca.